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Searching for a new and exciting twist on modern rap? Check out Young Dread's new album King Micah when it drops this September!

This album is a culmination of the grit, hard work, and dedication that Dread has been putting into the game since his debut self titled EP Young Dread dropped in 2010. He stays true to his reggae/urban/trap fusion. However, King Micah displays this style with a much more articulate and motivated approach. Dread once again delivers his fast and powerful bars, which are accentuated by professionally mixed and edited beats that bump as hard as the likes of Gucci Mane and MIGOS.

However, his beats aren't the only thing that stack up with the trap genre greats, his lyricism is there as well. Combine aspects of street life, real life urban culture, and of course smoking and ladies; Young Dread has solidified what it means to be a hustler and grinder. He isn't just rapping about the street life (like some of his hip hop counterparts), he is living it and manifesting it in the rhymes and thumps of King Micah.

Dread is hoping this album resonates with his fellow lovers of trap, and he hopes that it inspires fellow rhymers and hustlers to pursue their own interests and rise above the struggles of growing up and grinding on the streets. This album embodies the heart and soul that every artist should put in their work. It also displays how creating an album and thriving in the rap game is obtainable and can be done through perseverance and hard work, but having a great time while you’re at it.

About Young Dread

With over 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, it is fairly obvious that Young Dread is worth the listen and that King Micah will not disappoint even the most well rounded and tenured hip hop listener. New to the rap game and the trap genre in particular? Not a problem, because Young Dread is incorporating styles from several genres including EDM, reggae, and classic upbeat hip hop.

Although Dread's primary fan base seems to be in the city, he is branching out and bringing the sounds of the streets right to you. Raw, uncensored, and visceral rap with an interesting and diversified approach. That's what you get from Young Dread and nothing less. So what are waiting on? Find King Micah on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, or GooglePlay now and see why everyone needs to know about Young Dread. Visit Youn Dreat’s spotify at

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