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If you took a second out now to stop and look, you would probably be able to find some type of lock not too far from you. You probably also have a set of keys in your pocket or someplace close to you also. Although most people take their keys and locks for granted, we certainly would find life a lot less secure without them. In lieu of that fact, it might be a good idea to take a look at the most commonly found locks and key types. That’s exactly what will be done in this article.


Common Mechanical Locks

  • Keyed locks

It would take about 20 pages to list all of the different types of keyed locking devices that are made. They are by far the most common lock type found in the entire world. All it takes is a matching key to open them. These keys are also very easy to duplicate so the owner can have spare keys. Although other types of keyless and electronic locks are starting to get popular, don’t expect keyed locks to go away completely anytime soon.

  • Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks can be either opened with keys or from knobs on the inside of them. They have proven to be much harder to defeat by lock picking and prying open than other types of keyed locks are. They are often used as secondary locks for added security on many homes and businesses.


Popular Keyless Entry Locks

You are starting to see keyless locks pop up more all over the place these days. They are now commonly found in the entranceway doors of homes and in secure areas of businesses. The trend has even started to take hold in the auto industry. They offer many more conveniences than traditional keyed locks do.

  • Radio Signal/Magnetically Triggered Locks

More keyless locks that are triggered by radio signals or magnetically activated are started to be seen also. You may have used one to get in the front door of a business or for the main entrance of your condo. Locks that receive transponder signals are also examples of these types of locks.



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