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If you’re looking for your options when it comes to locks, whether for your residential or commercial property, this guide is a good start. Since there are so many types of locks and keys as well as new innovations coming out all the time, it can be difficult to settle on the perfect option. This can be even more of a strain if you’re on a limited budget, as you obviously want to get the most bang for your buck. Access control, security, and safety are always important factors to consider whenever you’re looking to choose a type of lock to protect your property. 

Whether you’re only looking to replace one or two locks on the exterior of your home, or you want to upgrade all of the locks for your entire residential or commercial property, knowing the types of locks available can help you on your journey to choose the right kind of locks for your situation. An experienced and knowledgeable locksmith like those employed at our company can help guide you if you’re overwhelmed. Strong locks provide the crucial foundation for any property’s security, so it pays to invest in the best and most appropriate. Read on to learn more about the types of locks available for residential and commercial door installation. 


Manual Lock Types                                                


  • Knob & Lever Locks: These simple locks are widespread on both internal and external doors, but offer little in the way of security. Many people are surprised to find out how easily these types of locks can be thwarted. Knob and lever locks are basic in that they involve a series of calibrated pins inside a spring-loaded lock. This makes them vulnerable to lock picking and key bumping attempts, and are no match for brute force. However, they can be effective if you just need to keep an interior door closed to keep your kids or pets out of a particular room. Higher security knob and lever locks can replace the current installations on your exterior doors.


  • Deadbolts: Deadbolts are found on most external doors for residential and commercial properties, usually accompanied by a spring-loaded knob or lever lock. This is intentional, since the majority of building intrusions are performed using brute force methods. Deadbolt locks consist of the bolt and a strike plate that’s fitted into the door frame. When a deadbolt is engaged, the bolt fits into the strike plate and holds the door secure.




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