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With technological advancements, security is usually the foremost concern for any manufacturer. The same applies for cars and the keys that come with them. Transponder keys make it harder for cars to be stolen as a result of lost keys since they have a chip inside them that corresponds to the chip inside the car, only allowing that specific key to start the ignition. It is possible to lose your transponder key but you can take a few steps in order to make sure that you approach the situation in the best way possible without causing any damage to the car or without having the replacement cost you a fortune.

One warning, before we proceed, is that you should always make sure to consult a professional like My Alpharetta Locksmith, LLC in Atlanta, GA in order to determine what you should do if you lose your transponder key. Qualified and licensed professionals usually have the efficient and suitable solution ready at hand, and if you have no clue how to approach the situation, get in touch with a qualified locksmith immediately.

Check the car manual.

You might find that the car manual has a guide on what to do if you need to get a new transponder key. You might have to purchase one and then program it yourself, but go through the manual thoroughly to see if it gives instructions on how to pair a new transponder key to your car. However, only do this if you are completely sure about what to do. Otherwise, you can consult a locksmith, and they can help you with the instructions in the manual.

Check to see if your warranty stands.

If you have purchased a car recently and have lost the keys or they got stolen, make sure to check the warranty of the vehicle. If you go for a solution to a dealership, you might find that the cost of replacement is exorbitant. Therefore, check warranties to see if you can get replacement keys for any unforeseen circumstances. If you can, you are lucky and have avoided a massive bill, getting the right service for the problem.


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