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Whether you are a big corporation or a small store, you want to make sure that security is your top priority. Access control can help with security massivelyas it reduces the amount of time, energy, and money that you would have spent otherwise. Access control is a system that allows you to restrict the access of areas to individuals that visit your place of business. You may want to computerize your system in keeping track of your employees or you may want to make sure that certain areas are accessible by certain employees. Whatever your concern or reason for wanting an access control system in place, you can rest assured there are a variety of systems available on the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways in which you can put such a system in place. Employee ID cards can be a manner in which all the people who work under you can enter buildings, simultaneously checking in for the day. All they have to do is swipe or scan their card at any of the doors that only allow employees and they will be able to enter. This ensures that only employees with a card can enter. Another similar method is by using a fingerprint scan. This system requires the individual to scan their fingerprint in the reader and, if their fingerprint is a verified one, the door will open and let them through. This is usually ideal for within buildings, meaning that even though employees or other individuals can enter a building using their card, restricted areas for specific employees can be accessed by just those employees because a card at those doors does not work. This brings us to keypad entries – all the individual needs to do is enter in a code and the doors will unlock, allowing them to go through. These are, again, great for restricted areas or where technical machinery might be kept to avoid anyone who is not qualified to operate those machines from getting hurt. Most commonly, these are used for apartment buildings. It is an easy manner of access that does not require cards or fingerprints, and only people with the code can enter the building.

All these methods of access control allow for an inbuilt security system since only those people who have a means of entry can access the building. This reduces the need to have an unnecessary amount of video surveillance and can make it easy to track individuals. When a fingerprint is scanned or a card is swiped, it is fed into the system, and if anything suspicious happens, it can be tracked easily. Such systems also have an automatic lock system which means that if someone enters in a wrong code one too many times or tries to scan an unidentified fingerprint, the doors get locked until someone can identify and rectify the problem. Anyone trying to break in can trigger an alarm and, in emergency situations, such doors allow for complete shutdown, disabling the entry methods so that no one can enter or exit the building.

Apart from security, access control systems have great benefits. If you wish to install such a system at your workplace, you can contact any locksmith and they can offer advice on such a matter. My Alpharetta Locksmith, LLC in Atlanta, GA is one such trustworthy locksmith service that can not only advise you on the benefits of such a system but also provide you with one that is high quality and serves your needs.


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