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Many mobile phones are launched in the market on daily basis. But only a few make a mark in the market. 


It is the S8 version. The cell phone has gained so much popularity that the samsung s8 case has become one of the highly sold covers of all time. 


Even the other peripherals faced the same amount of popularity. A good quality product can make spike up the market of all the other products as well. 


The particulars of this product are many. The first one in the line is the curved infinity screen. This one-of-a-kind innovation of all time is the camera button. 


The button is moveable and can be shifted to any place. So the hassle of clicking group selfies or long-range shots is solved. 


We like having extra sound sometimes. It also involves playing the same music on multiple devices. And guess what? It is possible with this device!


I spy a home button! Swipe through the screen effortlessly and use the hidden home button by just pressing the screen for a few seconds. 

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