What an Incredible Experience!

These magical words can effortlessly slip out of your mouth, only when you have had a truly awesome experience that you thoroughly enjoyed,and this is the exact same feeling we want to give you, every time you hire aboat with us at the Newport Beach Boat Rentals.

So, the first question- Why Rent anElectric Boat?

A celebration to new beginnings while you enjoy a beautiful sunset, a memorable day to spend with your awesome kids or just to get away from the crowd, to enjoy cruising in wide open waters, there is no one reason, to hire an Electric Boat at Newport Beach.

In a way, the Newport Rental Boats, havealways been a way of celebrating a lifestyle for thousands of families and their friends, who just enjoy being on the waters and want to make the most of it.

What should you look out for?


We suggest, that you just look out to having some good mood, to enjoy a calming and relaxing water day in our Newport Beach Electric Boat Rental.

To make this happen, we look out for your safety and comfort every time you rent a boat with us and offer you a vessel that’s well maintained, clean, emission-free, elegant and operates quietly in a pleasant environment.

We also know that hiring a Newport Beach Boat Rental can be an experience of a lifetime for you and therefore, we make “V” hull designed boats that are easy to maneuver and operate and also gives you the confidence of hiring a boat that’s stable and sturdy for every sail.

Can you get a huge gang to fit on the boat?

As we mentioned, renting a Duffy Electric Boat is all about having a luxurious time that you just cannot forget, and this fun is possible only when you have your favorite people or a huge gang of family and friends, cruising with you.

So, if you are wondering whether everyone will fit in, the answer is an absolute yes and in style.

Our luxury boats at Newport Beach Bike Rentals, can equip a total of 12 passengers and are designed to give you a combination of modern sophistication and classic design,that will leave you feeling nostalgic and glamorous at the same time.

This way, you can spend an amazing time with your own people on a super cool boat whilelaughingout and enjoyingthe great vibe, that the setting offers.

Want to get a feel?

Don’t hesitate!

Everything has a start and hiring a Newport Beach Electric Boat can be the one for you.

So, take a break from your regular life and highlight your vacation by cruising in the tropical vistas!

Have more questions?

We are happy to answer them and tell you more about our Newport Beach Boat Rentals through our website or through our contact (949)386-1201.

We hope to see You soon!

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