Newport Upholstery is a premier upholstery company specializing in custom yacht upholstery repair for sofas, chairs, canvas, walls and general restoration of boat furniture interiors. We stand behind the highest quality of our workmanship and provider manufacturers in the marine industries. With over 25 years of experience upholstering boat interiors we consider ourselves the king of upholsterers any boat. Our design or redesign services in Newport Beach are unparalleled to other companies in Southern California.”

  Newport Beach Boat Upholstery Repair Services

  We provide upholstery services for many customers in the central business district of Newport Beach. We can restore any damage done by time, the sun, water or any weather condition to your boat’s interior.

  Newport Beach boat upholstery restoration is more than just replacing broken or worn vinyl on your outdoor boat. We come to you and inspect your upholstery, giving you a free estimate for repairs. Using highly durable materials such as water proof resistant vinyl, your boat will look great again and remain beautiful for years to come

  If you’re looking for custom boat furniture upholstery in Newport Beach, we’re the place to go! We offer unique styles and colours of vinyls in real samples in our showroom. Our water resistant vinyl is perfect for any sofa or chair for boats of all sizes. Our professional service includes upholstering any sofa or chair for boats.

  To enjoy the repair of your furniture, be prepared with all the necessary paperwork. Make sure to have a copy of your insurance and a receipt of purchase as well as any quote for repair provided by the professional in question. This will help if there are any issues with the claim, and you need to prove that damages occurred prior to your insured date from the company.

At Newport Upholstery, we specialize in fine upholstery and custom design. Our standard turnaround time is two to three days, so contact us at 1-661-412-2497 if you have a project you’d like us to tackle.