Looking for a residence to live in or provide for a tenant is exciting! There are some aspects to consider from the seller. Likewise, the buyer also has to familiarize with certain factors.

Offering Real Estate

Create Property Value

It is important for Estate Agents Canary Wharf to know the value of properties. This ensures creating an accurate appraisal to have the best numbers. Sales records can prove the valuation from the past year.

Prepare to Show Viewings

As a potential real estate option, it is best to visit the property personally. The agent has to familiarize with the ins and outs for viewing purposes. He is prepared to respond to any concerns about the property. Take it as a good sign when the property has many interested future owners. Valuation of the property depends on the feedback of potential buyers to the agent.

Take Care of Administrative Matters

More than one property offer can come from the agent. Handling the purchase process is on the owner’s behalf. Prepare a purchase contract for the buyer. Preparing papers involves processing, explaining, and giving them. This part includes plenty of papers comprising legal matters. Throughout the process, the agent has to inform of new updates about the property.

Put the Residence on The Market

It comes from the agent how to promote the residential property. Options are newspaper ads, online listings, or mailing lists. Showing property photos, creating flyers, making an online tour, and posting a sign of For Sale are also strategies. An agent who has a good track record of listing and selling similar properties in value and form is a good choice.

Look for Serious Future Owners

An exciting part of an agent’s duties is to talk to potential property owners. Take it as a sign when the buyer has adequate finances. This is from the Property Ombudsman Code of Practice.

Here are possible scenarios to know about:

  • Is the property being sold also theirs?
  • Is cash payment upfront? If yes, where are the finances from?

The agent has to ask about these.

Purchasing Property

Search for a Suitable Property

An agent needs to know what the buyer needs and wants from a property. Accurate measurements are beneficial for the agent. This makes the search easier with specifications and in what type of area. But when the buyer is uncertain about these, the agent can ask questions to determine them.

Create an Offer for Purchase

When the property is final for the buyer, the agent comes up with a purchase agreement and initial offer. Depending on the area where the property is, the negotiated value is reasonable.

Set Up Viewings

Options for properties come from the agent and he talks to the owner and buyer about viewing. For the buyer’s convenience, the agent has visited all of the recommended properties. This is to make sure that everything about the property is satisfactory. He can think of inquiries regarding the property before the buyer visits personally.

The business of selling and buying properties involves agents. It is important to transact only with credible and reliable ones for the investment.