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Every avid bicycle rider enjoys the overall riding experience regardless of the terrain when the bike is in top-notch condition. Several tiny moving parts of a Cannondale road bike function together to contribute to the bike riding experience. Riding a bicycle daily for miles causes the accumulation of dirt, dust and grime on these components.

Avoiding scheduled cleaning and maintenance causes the small bike parts to wear out and increases the risk of potential breakdowns. You won’t enjoy riding your bike when the minuscule parts keep making annoying noises. So, you must check the ABC of your bicycle often to ensure your rides are smooth, safe and enjoyable.

Maintaining your bike should be your priority if you want to avoid costly repairs or replacements and increase the lifespan of the crucial parts. Your bike won’t break down in the middle of the ride and cause you injury if you prioritise checking the ABCs. 

A Stands for Air 

Flats won’t happen if tires are properly inflated. Check every day before going on a bike ride that the tires are aired up and all set to go. Check the pressure using a bike pump if the tires don’t feel firm. On the tire’s sidewall, you’ll find the suggested tire pressure. Make sure your bike’s thru-axles, as well as quick-release levers, are tightened properly while checking the air. 

B Stands for Brakes 

Ensuring the brakes of your bike remain in great condition always has to be your prime responsibility to keep potential accidents and injuries at bay. You must change the old ones and purchase new brakes from a leading online store that gives branded brakes as well as bicycle pedals for sale. Check whether the rear and front brakes engage smoothly and correctly and grip well independently.

C Stands for Chain

Check the gears and the chain of your bike. The chain has to run smoothly through the derailleur and cassette. So, grabbing one of the pedals to turn it backward is essential. You must use the right product to lubricate the bike’s chain. You should purchase a new bicycle stem if required to be on the safer side.

You must buy top-quality bike components and accessories from an e-commerce store that is reliable and popular among bike riders. Doing so will help you get your hands on what you require and enable you to keep your bicycle in excellent condition.

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