We accept all ongoing infection will, with time, be killed through exactness and focused on control of the gut microbiota. Your Health, Our Mission Novel Biome™ was established to give top notch medicinally managed Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT) for chemical imbalance and the assorted scope of side effects that accompany being on the range.

We are driven by the firm conviction that all constant illness can and will be annihilated through exactness and focused on control of the gut microbiota. The CDC's latest report on Autism Spectrum Disorder rates expresses that predominance proceeds to essentially rise around the world. In the US alone, the rates have expanded to a predominance of 1 out of 54 youngsters. We at Novel Biome™ are devoted to supporting youngsters and families influenced by chemical imbalance with a concentration towards improving their mental imbalance and processing related indications, which definitely improves their personal satisfaction. A basic part of our medicinally administered FMT is our program's excellent benefactors and our thorough contributor screening program, close by our elevated requirements of assembling in our microbiome lab. All givers meet our incredibly tough choice rules, intensive evaluating for both blood and stool borne microorganisms and a thorough audit of their clinical and family ancestry, and an actual test to guarantee the best expectations of security and quality are met.
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