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Frida Kahlo in today's time needs no introduction, there are chances that a common person may not know her but those who are into art do know her existence and she is highly respected and appreciated among those. We can say she was a celebrated celebrity painter from Mexico. 


When it comes to celebrities from any field it is always interesting to know some lesser-known facts related to their lives, achievements, and struggles. There is nothing better than the internet to use as a source for extracting all the facts and attractive information. 


So, here we are for your daily dose of interesting information here in this blog as per the demand of the topic we will discuss some lesser known yet interesting facts about Frida Kahlo


The list of some top lesser known facts about Frida Kahlo goes as follows- 


  • Nick Name - Frida Kahlo is not the official name that is rather a nickname given to her. Her name on papers is Magdalena Frida Carmen Kahlo Y Calderon


  • The birthday controversy- Her birthday on papers is written July 06, 1907. However, she herself claimed that she was born on July 07, 1910. 


  • Her Dream -  We may fail to even imagine this but Frida never wanted to be a painter she always wanted to be a doctor by profession.


  • Tragedy - This is another out of the few lesser-known facts about Frida Kahlo. She got her leg polio affected at the age of 6. Also, when she was 18 and admitted to a good medical college for her studies she got badly injured in a bus accident snd that is where her abdomen was injured badly and she had to go through at least 30 surgeries and had to be there at the hospital for months. 


  • The undisputed queen of self-portraits- It would not have been easy for her to deal with a broken dream of becoming a doctor. But, she rose strong and found her peace in art and painting. She painted around 150 pieces of art and out of those 55 were self-portraits. Using those self-portraits she expressed her pain and suffering. So, yes one can say that she found the voice for her pain and suffering in the form of her art.

 Conclusion - 


So, by all of this one can figure out that Frida Kahlo was not just a brilliant artist but was also a strong woman.