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Any car issue is frustrating. And it can be very stressful, especially if you get into your car one day and realize it won’t start, or it otherwise won’t run correctly. One situation that an automotive locksmith can tackle is a car key that is stuck in the ignition. Yes, this does happen, and when it does, we understand that it can actually be quite easy to cause even more damage by attempting to force it out. You are going to need to hire a qualified, licensed and insured technician to avoid damage when your car key is stuck in the ignition. Here, we are going to discuss some steps you can take in an effort to resolve this, and we are going to explain why it might have happened. If you know why the problem is occurring, you might have an easier time resolving it fast.

If you have a car key that is currently stuck in the ignition of your vehicle, don’t try to rip it out. Instead, try the steps provided or call a locksmith. We have experts at Pro Mobile Locksmith in Snellville, Georgia who are available around the clock to handle situations such as this for locals in the area. Because we are mobile and close by,just give us a call and we will send someone your way. Otherwise, keep reading about the different situations and what you can do.

Why is the Key Stuck? It Could Be Wear and Tear

It might just be wear and tear that is the cause of your key being stuck. It could also be a damaged key that is causing the problem or perhaps the issue is actually a worn out ignition cylinder. If you can determine the problem, you can figure out the solution. If it is a broken key, you might need transponder key programming so you can replace the broken key. If it is an ignition cylinder that is the problem, an expert can provide replacement.

Is the Key Stuck, But Car Running?

This one can be very frustrating. Are you sure that the car is completely shut off? Meaning, did you make sure the key is turned to the right spot? Sometimes, if you’re driving someone else’s car that you are not used to, things like this happen. But it could easily be why the key won’t come out. Try this – rotate the key anti-clockwise to ensure that the car is fully shut off. It’s worth a shot!


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