Pro Mobile Locksmith in Snellville, GA has had to school a lot of people about the importance of having the right type of locks to maximize their security. Whether it is your home security of commercial security, you can always benefit from deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are the best way of securing your property. They are made from the most durable metal, which makes them very difficult to compromise. While most people have them installed on their exterior doors, there are new homeowners who don’t and they need a little more convincing that this is a necessity to aid in the security of their homes. We suggest that everyone have deadbolt locks installed on their exterior doors. This is because they are effective in keeping out intruders. A deadbolt lock has a cylinder lock that has a locking feature. The lock is designed with a bolt that goes into the door, which is what makes it so difficult to break in. The bolt is released once you turn the key in the correct direction and a spring is what will place it back in the right position. When you don’t have a spring on the lock then you definitely need a deadbolt lock.


The Locks Pins and Tumbler


Your cylinder will have pins and tumblers. These pins come in various heights. They are also arranged in a set inside a tube. It is the springs that keep the pins in the correction position. The pins not only come in different heights but they are arranged to the appropriate height for the key that you are using. When the incorrect key is inserted into the lock, it won’t move. The key will remain in the lock and the pins won’t reach the right height to disengage the lock. When the correct key is inserted then the pins will fit into the correct grooves and the key will then start to turn. Once the cylinder moves the deadbolt will also begin to move away from the frame of your door and this will then unlock the lock.


Deadbolt Lock Installation


Our locksmiths would all agree that it is very important to have the right type of deadbolt locks for your need. However, just as important to having the right type of deadbolt locks is having them properly installed.


Article Source: Why Have Deadbolt Locks Installed

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