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You may not be aware that the car key in your hands is more complex than you think. Inside of it, there is a small chip that has a very important function, called a transponder chip. The keys of most cars built after 1995 contain a transponder chip for improved security. The transponder chip communicates with your vehicle’s immobilizer and tells it to disarm so that you can start the engine. Basically, the transponder in the key sends some codes to the car. Of course, these codes need to be correct in order for the vehicle to allow you to start it. If the transponder does not send the codes or if the codes are not correct, your vehicle will not start, no matter how hard you try.

Malfunctioning Transponders: Serious Problems

In most cases, people think that the car is at fault when it refuses to start dues to a malfunctioning transponder chip. They tow the car to a mechanic and pay him to fix their car. Even though the problem is so simple, people can lose hundreds of dollars on towing and repair services. Of course, let’s not even mention the fact that you lose a lot of time and begin to be stressed by the problem. You won’t be able to drive your car to work until the problem gets solved. But what causes a transponder to cease working? Let’s find out!

Common Transponder Key Problems

Your car key looks pretty sturdy. It looks like it can take a beating. In fact, you have probably dropped your car keys on the floor several times already and nothing happened. The reality is that the transponder chip – just like any electronic device – is quite sensitive to shock. It can break the next time you accidentally drop your car key. When the transponder chip is damaged, it will stop sending the codes. Consequently, the vehicle will not receive a code and will not start when you turn the key in the ignition. The simple and effective remedy for this problem is to call a locksmith and ask him to replace the transponder chip or to duplicate the entire key.

Another problem can be caused by the battery inside your key. As any electronic device, the transponder in your key needs power from somewhere. The power is supplied by a small battery inside the key. If the battery dies, so does your transponder chip. Again, the chip will not be able to send the codes to the vehicle without power – and the vehicle will not start. This problem can be solved pretty quickly simply by replacing the battery in the key. A trained locksmith can help you do this, or you can do it yourself. If you attempt to replace the battery yourself, be careful not to damage the key or the transponder chip inside of it.

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