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If you have a garage door and you find that you have mold in or around it, it is best to take care of it immediately since it can spread quickly and can affect your entire garage. If you do find mold spores and do not know what to do, you can contact professionals at Snellville Garage Door, LLC in Snellville, GA, and they can assist you through the phone by providing you with guidance on how to get rid of mold spores quickly and easily.

The first thing you may want to do is get rid of the mold spores if you find them in your garage door. Mold spores can form due to dampness and humidity, and since garage doors have a lot of crevices, tracks, and corners, these spores can find a dark spot to form in and can be hard to detect instantly. If you have spotted mold spores, you want to deal with them as quickly as possible by taking a careful look all around your garage door and your garage to get rid of them. Before we proceed, it is better to be advised against taking it into your own hands if you are unsure of what to do. In such an instance, it is always better to call a garage door service and have their technicians come and take a look and then address the problem.

How Do Mold Spores Develop?

Mold spores, as mentioned above, form in dark, humid, and damp places, which is why garages and garage doors can be a target. Garages are usually not as well ventilated as any other room in the house and they can get damp, depending on the kind of weather you are having. When you remove mold spores, you want to be very thorough with the job since even if you leave a little of it behind, it will spread everywhere all over again. Mold spores thrive in materials that are porous, so materials like wood, plaster, drywall, and concrete are some of the places where spores can be found. A quick and easy fix for mold spores is bleach and water.


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