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There are many reasons why a garage door opener may not be working, and although issues within the garage door opener itself can be the cause of the problem, there are many other reasons why these problems can occur. The garage door opener issues that are discussed below are fairly common and can be easy to fix. However, be cautious and make sure you are confident in what you are doing since you want to ensure that no additional damage occurs. If you do end up having trouble in identifying the cause of the problem and fixing it, make sure to call a high quality service that is available around the clock, like Snellville Garage Door, LLC in Snellville, GA, so that you can get quick service at affordable prices.

The garage door opener may not be functioning both through the keypad or the remote control. This could mean that the issue lies within the keypad or the remote control and not the opener. Either they might just need new batteries or the source of power may be out. Check the motor unit if the latter is the problem and ensure that it is plugged in properly. You can also check the circuit breaker or the fuse, and if they have been tripping, the garage door opener’s power may be short circuiting. Check the motor unit and the garage door opener to identify the cause of the trip and have them repaired, or replaced if necessary.


Out of Range

Another reason why the garage door opener may not be operating through the wall switch or the remote control is that you might be out of range from the opener while operating the garage door with the remote. Try moving closer to the opener and make sure that the antenna on the motor unit is facing down and not damaged for everything to work smoothly. If you can open the garage door through the wall switch but not the remote, as mentioned above, it might just need new batteries. In other cases, electrical components like keypads can lose their programming and need to be reset. For that, you can consult the garage door opener manual or call up a garage door service for advice on how to reprogram your specific garage door opener, as different garage door openers have different reprogramming settings.


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