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In terms of door lock types, you don’t have a shortage of options. From mortice locks and multi-point locking systems to night latches/secondary locks and closed shackle padlocks, you have so many things to choose from. How are you supposed to know where to start? Do you need a cylinder lock or a deadbolt? Keyless lock or closed shackle padlocks? What is the difference? Here, we are going to discuss some of the various kinds of locks for your convenience.


Locks are so important for your property because they provide a layer of protection. They serve to secure your belongings and the people you care about, because not just anyone can walk right into your house. It is important to make sure that no point of entry is left wide open or easily accessible by an unwanted individual.


At Quick Norcross Locksmith LLC, we make sure that customers in and near Norcross, Georgia have access to not only the services that they need for property security, but also to the knowledge that will enable them to make the right choice in terms of products. With so many lock types on the market, it can fast get overwhelming if you aren’t sure which kind of lock you need for a specific door. We want to help anyone in our service area and we urge you to call in a professional if you are located elsewhere! It can, at the very least, make things easier for you.

But here, you will find some more details on the various kinds of locks. Check it out!


Locks for Accessible Homes

If you have an accessible home or are striving to make your home more accessible, then you might want to look into locks that will help you to achieve your goals. One such lock is a keyless lock. For some, this is easier to use and allows a person to avoid fumbling with a key. Being able to use a fingerprint to gain entry to a property or a key fob or card, or even a code, might be easier for many. It is certainly an option to consider. Your keyless lock can even be linked to a smartphone, which might be something you find very beneficial. There are smart locks that can be linked to Alexa, too!

Deadbolt Locks

With deadbolts, you can choose from options like single cylinder, lockable thumb turn style, double cylinder, smart deadbolts and more. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt by BHP
  • Callan 200S Single Cylilnder Deadbolt
  • Single Cylinder Castle Electronic Keypad Deadbolt by Defiant
  • KwiksetSmartCode Signature Series



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