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Keyless entry has quickly overtaken manual locks and keys for vehicles that are currently manufactured. While many vehicles on the road still operate using physical locks and keys, that number is shrinking. So what exactly is keyless entry? While there are different types, all keyless entry has one thing in common: it features electronic security that replaces the need for physical locks and keys. Keyless entry is a form of antitheft protection that started with luxury vehicles and spread over the last decade to overtake manual locks and keys. It provides many advantages over traditional locks and keys, which is why it has become the new gold standard.

Many people who are accustomed to manual lock and key security may find keyless entry questionable. However, there are many advantages to having a keyless entry system. Some drivers have opted to replace the mechanical locks that their vehicle came with, upgrading their vehicles to keyless entry. While this is not possible for all vehicles, it’s an option for many. Keyless entry systems are also known as remote keyless systems (RKS) or remote central locksmith systems (RCLS).

#1: More Effective Security

In these uncertain times, any steps you can take to improve the security of your property should be considered. This includes that of your vehicle. Keyless entry provides superior security to manual locks and keys. Not only does it eliminate the risk of your car key being stolen, but there’s no lock hole that can be jimmied or picked by a criminal. Keyless entry can’t be picked or tampered with like manual locks can be. Many people only think of keyless entry as a quick and easy way to open and start their car, and the security benefits are overlooked. Most keyless entry systems are also equipped with a failsafe that locks the doors automatically after a certain amount of minutes when the vehicle is off. This can come in handy if you’re not always great at remembering to lock your doors.


#2: Increase Convenience of Access

Another significant benefit of keyless entry for vehicles is the convenience they provide in accessing your vehicle. We all lead increasingly busy lives, juggling work obligations, family responsibilities, social lives, and necessary errands. It can be a major hassle to have to juggle with your keys while you have your arms full. Keyless entry makes locking and unlocking your doors, popping your trunk, and even starting your vehicle as easy as the push of a button. Whether you’ve just left the grocery store or you have a new baby in your arms, keyless entry makes it much easier to get inside your vehicle without a hassle. It may not seem like it would make a significant difference, but many drivers wouldn’t think of living without it.

Depending on your vehicle’s specific form of keyless entry, you may have additional features, such as seat heating or a panic alarm that can give you more options. Many people particularly find the ability to start their vehicle to be of major benefit. You no longer have to leave your home on chilly mornings to warm up your car.


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