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Losing anything is a pain. Have you ever lost your phone or your iPad, and searched frantically for it? Finally, it turns up in a place you thought you already had checked. But what happens when you lose something that literally leaves you stuck? What happens when your transponder key is lost? This is a very difficult and stressful situation, because you likely have places to go and things to do, and losing your transponder key can set you back. Unless you live in a place that you can take public transportation everywhere, you need your vehicle.


We know that lost transponder keys sometimes happen, and that is why we are going to discuss what to do when your transponder key is lost. There are certain things you can do to try to resolve the situation quickly. We are going to provide further information on what to do when your transponder key is lost. Even if you are only reading to help someone else or prevent the issue from occurring down the road, you might find this information to be beneficial.


Here, discover the basic information you need if you have lost your transponder key. We will discuss how transponder keys are used and what exactly they are. Transponder keys are a security solution for vehicle owners – you might know this, but you might not realize much about them beyond this. These keys come with new vehicles, meaning vehicles made after the 1990s. Transponder keys function through the utilization of a signal. This signal is a specific match only for the car it was designed for. This is the security part. If you lose your key, you might end up needing a locksmith for help. We are Quickly Locksmith, LLC in Atlanta, GA and we can help if your transponder key is lost, assuming you are in our service area. But if you aren’t in the area we service, be sure to pull up a locksmith nearby you! You should have their number saved anyway, in case you ever need them.



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