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When you choose to move to a new place, there are always things that you wish you’d know before you actually start packing. The new town is a different place than the one you called home and, while some things might still remain a surprise, we put together a list to help you get ready for what you’ll have to deal with once you arrive.

The city of Alpharetta, Georgia, a wonderful place that many young people decide to relocate to, has around 69,000 residents with a median age of 39, and the population continues to grow. The main reason for that is the high quality of life that also led Forbes to name it the #1 Place to Relocate to recently. The evidence of that is overwhelming, and we completely understand and support your decision to select this all-encompassing great place to live as your new home.

In the next section, we’ll cover all you need to know about the city before you actually move to Alpharetta, Georgia, especially if you come from another part of the country. You should know that what we offer is some general information to shed some light on what you can expect from living in the city. Everyone’s situation is different so try to read this from your individual perspective.


Browsing the real estate market in Alpharetta, Georgia, is something like having to pick your favorite child. You can’t. It’s impossible because you love them all equally. At least that’s what you tell them—just kidding. But seriously now, picking one home over another in Alpharetta is not an easy task. Firstly, they all feel inviting, the front yard, fantastic neighborhood, wooden shutters, white-framed windows, and just a gorgeous overall appearance. And that’s only from the outside. Once you walk into one, you might not want to leave anytime soon. Real estate agents in Alpharetta GA are there to help you work within your budget and negotiate on your behalf. They will also make sure that your excitement isn’t too obvious. The last thing that you want is for the seller’s agent to know how much you love the house. That can only make negotiations more difficult. They are equipped to handle the strong seller’s market and fight tooth and nail to get you the best deal.

Because, yes, Alpharetta is going through a seller’s market currently, which affects prices, and most importantly, how negotiations work. What to know before you dive into the real estate market is that the median home value is currently $460,000, higher than the state median and even Atlanta’s prices. However, in this lovely small town, you’ll get to experience all the great things about living in the suburbs. Alpharetta is, after all, one of the best Atlanta suburbs which is why the housing market is steaming hot right now. From last year, the prices have gone up by 8%. Alpharetta’s market did not get hit that hard by the effects of last year’s economic jab.


When it comes to the economy, although Alpharetta, Georgia, is still considered a relatively small to medium-sized city, its economy doesn’t really reflect that fact. Located only 30 minutes from Atlanta, Alpharetta is one of those suburban towns that aren’t dependent on the city they are a suburb to. It’s weird to think like that, but it’s a fact. Just think about the fact that Alpharetta’s population more than doubled over the last two decades. That population increase can easily break a city’s economy if there is no plan for a sustainable economy set into motion. In Alpharetta’s case, luckily, there was. But we shouldn’t bring luck into it because it was all planned. 

However, going back to the economy, how did a small town with only 13,000 residents in 1990 become today’s thriving economy? With the level of forward-thinking and work ethics promoted throughout the city’s workforce, from an educational level all through their careers, Alpharetta’s employees work together to improve themselves and their community in high-earning positions. I know that sounds like a marketing campaign, but with over 600 tech-based companies (AT&T, HP, UPS, Microsoft, Siemens, Verizon) calling this city their home, it’s hard to contest it. The whole town got an optic fiber update and, right now, it is, quite literally, built for tech. As the sixth fastest-growing city in the U.S. it’s easy to see why the economy is thriving.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Alpharetta, Georgia, is surprisingly affordable for a city with such a high quality of life. Both Transportation and Healthcare cost less than the national average, and as for Utilities and Groceries, you should expect a 6% increase compared to the national average. Services and Goods are also higher than the national average by 3%, but the main living expense is housing costs when you look at Alpharetta. Compared to the state’s average, you should expect to pay more than double the amount for a single-family home in Alpharetta. Homes in Alpharetta, Georgia, are 33% more expensive than in Atlanta and the overall difference between the two is 14%.


Some of the best schools in Georgia are located in Alpharetta, and the city’s community focuses on providing the best education possible for its students. There are a total of 133 local schools available that include pre-school and elementary schools. Besides those, there are 16 middle schools and nine high schools in Alpharetta. The best high school in Alpharetta is Alpharetta High School, belonging to the top 2% best public schools across the whole nation and the seventh-best in all of Georgia. 


With such a mild climate, outdoor walks, exercises, and activities are possible year-round, meaning that health-wise, you and your family will have access to a healthy lifestyle. However, regarding healthcare, you’ll be delighted to find out that Alpharetta’s got some of the most affordable, qualified, and efficient healthcare systems across the nation. The healthcare cost is below the nation’s average by 10% and Alpharetta’s residents are at a lower risk to develop respiratory illnesses or cancer based on air quality.


Just by walking around the city, you’ll get to see how accessible entertainment is for any type of person. Maybe you want to spend time exploring the wilderness or celebrating the city with the rest of the community. You could also be craving some southern comfort food or might be looking for other things to do around town; chances are you’ll find something to keep you entertained. After they turned the city’s downtown into an open mall-like area that draws the entire community together, the next step was to organize over 150 yearly events. But don’t worry, there are weeks when you can pick and choose from a list of 40 events all happening in different places, at different times, and with different people.


Suppose you’re waiting for something else to convince you that you’re ready to move to Alpharetta, Georgia. Don’t! This shouldn’t be a debate anymore; you don’t need any pros and cons list regarding Alpharetta because there is no cons list to make you second guess your decision. You are ready, so get set, and go! The city will welcome you with wide-open arms and the most inviting smile you can think of because you’ll become a part of a big family. In Alpharetta, everyone greets you on the street, asks you if you’re having a good day, or otherwise embraces you as part of the community. Be ready for that when you finally get to relax on your front porch.

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