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Commercial eateries such as restaurants, cafeterias, bars, and lounges that serve quality meals need to handle a large number of dishes, plates, cups, trays, cutlery items that have to be washed regularly.

To handle such an immense load of dishwashing manually is cumbersome. For this, the facilities have to be equipped with automatic rackless conveyor dishwasher and crate washing machines that reduce huge manual load and deliver efficiency.

Dishwashers, crate washers, conveyor systems,Vegetable washers and a lot of other items might also be required in the food manufacturing industry.

If you have to install some of these systems in your facility you can have a look at Washmatic India.

WashmaticIndia has been providing the best solution to the increasing demand for washing solutions in the industries, factories, commercial kitchens, and 5-star restaurants.

They deal in the manufacturing and selling of some of the best automatic flight type dishwashers, crate washers, and associated equipment and necessities.

After commencing its operations in 2005, the company has built a large reputation and trust in the minds of its clients by providing high-end cutting-edge technology that meets the needs of its clients. The company unique design and high efficiency in technology imparts the trust of many domestic and large international clients that form a part of its portfolio.

The company’s world-class technology solutions to dishwashing is worth having a look

Washmatic India is involved in the planning, designing, manufacturing, selling, and providing repair and maintenance services of all the technical equipment.

It manufactures a lot of technical equipment focused on providing end to end washing solutions for different industries ranging from-

  • Hospitality industries such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, bars
  • Industries such as the food industryand other industries


Dishwashing equipment manufactured by Washmatic India

The range of dishwashing equipment is wide ranging from auto dishwashers to flight type dishwashers. The company’s designers and engineers can customizethe type, shape and size of dishwasher according to your specific needs that too with premium industry standards.

The company manufactures automatic water softening machines, dishwashing racks, dosing pumps, drain trough, grease traps, hose reel, dryers, rinse spray units, kitchen sinks, trash bins, and vapor hoods as well.

It also manufactures some of the other accessory items that might sometimes be needed along with the automatic dishwashers such as conveyor systems like rack type, rackless conveyor dishwasher, UV sanitizing conveyor systems, and others.

Food crates and containers are used extensively and need washing. For this, you can also buy a range of crate washers from washmatic India.

Get in house maintenance and repair services with Washmatic India

Our complete maintenance and repair services makes us the best for your dishwashing solutions. We deals in spare parts, repairing and maintenance of commercial dishwasher as well to make sure your commercial eatery hits well.

Contact information of the company-


Washmatic India Pvt Ltd

A-2 shopping center,

Naraina Industrial Phase-2,

New Delhi- 110028

Contact- +91-880002304


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