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Greenply and greenlam are frequently used in construction. These are highly advanced and have many valuable properties within. For buying HPL laminates and plywood you can check them out and buy them from HPL laminate dealers in Delhi.

Within plywood, you can see multiple layers of wood being attached to and pasted with gum to solidify the structure with more tensile strength but having less weight at the same time.

You can use plywood for decorating the internals and the externals portions of your room. It is used in both commercial and homely settings.

Advantages of using plywood-

Strong strength

Plywood is made from several layers of wood and internally pasting them together. The design contributes to the strength because it is mainly made from thinner sheets of wood and then pasting them together.

By using Century Ply wooden HPL sheet for exterior thickness- 6 mm, you will find that these sheets are entirely resistant to splitting. It gives strong tensile strength whereas at the same time it is lightweight than wood.

Use according to one’s flexibility

Plywood is easy to cut out and can be used as per one’s flexibility. The thickness or the length of each sheet can be customized to meet the purpose of individual needs.

The more sheets you pile up on top of one another to add to the strength of the material. Having a thinner layer will provide the perfect layering for floors and ceilings.


When you check out on the Century Exteria- exterior wall cladding and HPL panels one of the features that you must check out is the impact resistivity. The HPL sheets of plywood have high tensile strength.

This helps it to make the plywood almost double up the tensile strength. Being made from multiple layers of wood within then you can find that the impact resistance is much more even though they are lightweight. This is because on the impact the force will get evenly distributed across the multiple layers of woods that are pasted on top of one another using gum.

Moisture resistant

The best reason that you will want to use Century Ply best plywood manufacturer and supplier in India then you surely won’t miss out on the moisture resistivity property. Most plywood will have a coat of lacquer on top of water-resistant adhesives that make it resistant to moisture and damage due to water.

You will find them to be installed in sheds and cladding too. It is also used as the holding element of concrete within the setting. These do not have problems of rusting even when exposed to water at high temperatures.

Fire resistivity property

High-pressure laminates in India- century- Century Plyare made with non-combustible materials that are cement fiber and these are highly resistant to catching fire even at high temperatures. Further to strengthen this property they will have a polymer coating on top to add to fire resistance. All these add up together to make them ideal building materials for constructing fireproof structures.

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