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Within the hospitality industry, it is not uncommon for you to see flight-type automatic dishwashers these days.

These are used for heavy-duty purposes where hundreds of dishes and trays have to be cleaned per hour. If you own a hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, bar or any other eateries place you have to think about installing flight type dishwasher because these come with advanced technology.

Contacting the right dishwasher manufacturer is important. There is one such company based in India that is manufacturing different types of automatic dishwashers along with flight type dish washers as well.

With experience in designing world-class power-saving technology, we are here to discuss them. 

Washmatic India is a renowned name in India and abroad designing and manufacturing world-class automatic dishwashers for the commercial industry players.

The company has a variety of models for flight type dishwashers with improved features. The company also designs custom-made dishwashers included with features that meet the industrial demands and safety parameters of the industry.

Using the best technology customer satisfaction is guaranteed

Over the years the company has manufactured and delivered varieties of models of flight type dishwashers for industrial clients.

The company has been able to get contracts from abroad clients as well due to high customer satisfaction and world-class unique engineering and technology.

The company manufactures technology saving water consumption by almost 50%

Among the most highlighting features of a flight type dishwashers manufactured by the company, you can lower your water consumption for washing dishes, trays, crates, and bins.

The water consumption gets lowered by almost 50% with the advanced flight type dishwashers that make efficient and judicious use of water. Using this you will be able to save on your water bills.

Less usage of washing chemicals and detergents

It also manufactures leading world-class advanced technical components within the dishwashers that use fewer chemicals and detergents. With this type of efficient use of chemicals and detergents, you will be able to save on your budget spent on buying detergents and other washing chemicals.

Best energy savings dishwasher with high power saving ratings

Another advanced and highly improved feature that has been comprehended by clients is the power saving ratings. The flight type dishwasher manufactured by the company can save you tens of kilowatts of energy per hour.

It does not take much brain to conclude that this necessity will cost you less money spent on electricity bills.

Different types of modes available

The flight type dishwasher is equipped with various modes that include triple rinsing, auto-controlled hot water washing, automatic conveyor belt, stain control mechanisms, and even auto clean technology with the dishwashers.

Separate conveyor belts for washing trays, dishes, and crates

The flight type dishwasher available at the company also have a unique feature found very rarely. And that is separate conveyor belts for washing trays, dishes, and crates.

About the company

Washmatic India is a pioneering brand in designing and manufacturing world-class automatic flight type dishwasher with advanced technical features.

A2 Shopping Center,

Nariana industrial area Phase-2

New Delhi- 110028

Phone number- +91-8800023044


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