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Get automatic dishwashing machines

Whether you are a food manufacturing, food processing, or a restaurant or hotel you will need to wash dishes regularly and in large quantities. This can be a huge challenge if done manually. If you are thinking of automating the process Washmatic India is the right option for you. The company provides different types of dishwashing machines that are automatic.

Types of dishwashing machines that you can buy from Washmatic India-

The company sells different categories of automatic dishwashers. As per your requirement in terms of quantity and budget, you can buy the ideal machines from them. Here are some of the types of automatic dishwashing machines that the company sells-

l  Undercounter Type

l  Hood Type

l  Rack Conveyor Type

Rackless Belt Conveyor Type (Flight type)

The unique dishwashing process in Washmatic India dishwasher machines

The wash tanks in the machines are made from stainless steel. This ensures easy cleaning. You can get the best cleaning for your dishes using their automatic machines. The automatic washing starts when the temperature of the water has been reached.

Moreover to ensure the best cleaning that is germ-free the dishes are washed at a high temperature. This ensures all the oil stains are cleaned properly. Another rinsing is done at a higher temperature which kills all the bacteria and viruses on the dish.

Benefits of using the dishwasher machines

l  Highly durable machines made of food grade stainless steel

l  Better saving of detergents and water

l  Minimal manual intervention required

Automatic crate washers

Apart from dishes the crates also need to be washed regularly. The crate washers of Washmatic India are also in high demand. It makes the washing of the large crates an easy task.

The automatic crate washers are automatic from start to finish. The different tasks such as water filling, water heating, and automatic crate sensors allow a fully automated process.

Benefits of the automatic crate washers

The automatic crate washers designed by Washmatic India are highly recommended once you see the benefits-

l  Fully automatic operation and no manual intervention

l  Safe and easy operations for using

l  The crates are surround washed such that the hygiene parameter is maintained.

l  The automatic dosing pumps select the optimum quantity of washing powder required and for how long the crates need to be washed.

About the company

Washmatic India Pvt. Ltd started its operations in 2005. it sells its machines to the distributors, large commercial buyers at the best price.


A2 Shopping Centre,

Naraiana Industrial Area Phase 2,

New Delhi


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