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If you are about to organize an event whether it is corporate or personal, getting a good quality event organizer becomes a major challenge. If your guests are from the high end HNI persons or important persons of the government, you want to organize a good catering service. Food Service Design India is one of the top known brands in this business that has been acclaimed for setting up finest kitchens in India.

Food Service Design India is a company that specializes in kitchen, hotel and laundry room planning, and associated businesses. As a leading Laundry Consultant The company has a long list of five-star hotels that it has designed in India such as Intercontinental, Marriott, Shangri-la, Radisson, etc.

Started in 1994 the company employs some of the best chefs in India to offer consultancy services for  food, beverage, hospitality, and catering. If you are about to host a grand event with important guests coming in, you can register and book the hotels and venues designed by Food Service Design India. The company provides services for designing kitchens, bars, lounges, etc for top quality hotels and resorts.

Here are some of the Hospitality Consultants services provided by the company-

Designing of the buffet counters and kitchens

The company has some of the top class and innovative minds in the profession. By hiring them you will get the best Facilities Planning Consultant on how to design your kitchens, buffet counters, cafeterias, back of the house, etc.

Housekeeping services

By hiring the company you will also get an idea of designing your uniform exchange rooms, housekeeping department, maid pantries etc.

Laundry area designing

FSD India offers you all types of services including laundry room designing so that you can get efficient and high quality laundry service.  This is mainly needed by hotels and resorts.

Design of admin offices

The top quality architects in FSD India will help you with designing your GM office, EAM office, Sales and marketing office, food and beverage office, and banquet salesrooms.

Designing of employee areas

Here the company provides you ideas on how to design your employee cafeteria including training room, meeting rooms, medical rooms, etc.

Along with all these services you can get ideas about the utilities such as central kitchen exhaust system, supplyair system, fire suppression system, LP Gas supply system to your kitchens and cooking areas, potable water, and hot water supply system, lighting designing, and UPS systems, and voice and data cable systems.

Some of the industries that are the clients of FSD India are-

Hotels and resorts






Kitchens and commissaries

About the company

The company started its operations in India in 1994 headed by Sunil Khanna. Mr. Khanna had earlier worked with top-class companies worldwide. It has trained professionals in the hospitality sector by providing recruitment and training services.


A-2, 3rd Floor, Shopping Centre, Naraina Industrial Area,

New Delhi- 110028

Contact number-+91-9717288853