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KEN-FIXIT specializes in the repair and maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment and freezers. They also provide an array of domestic and imported spare parts for kitchen equipment for restaurants and hotels.

The success rate for any restaurant or hotel depends on the efficient and timely deliverance of delicious food to its patrons. KEN-FIXIT is a company based in India with its headquarters in New Delhi. They are associated with providing specialized services to the leading hotels and restaurants along with other small-scale fast food centers in India related to the maintenance and servicing of commercial kitchen appliances and refrigerators. The company is one of a kind in the whole country and provides support to its clients in India with state of the art technical expertise and application of the latest technology in their maintenance methods.

Big restaurants and commercial kitchens of star rated hotels need to operate 24X7 and serve their guests without any operational delay. KEN-FIXIT helps in minimizing downtime which further allows the kitchens to function seamlessly. The company makes the use of the latest CRM software that has multiple users throughout the country. The professionals at KEN-FIXIT are a committed lot and diligently offer highly professional and quality assured dishwasher maintenance services, all the while maintaining the international quality standards for warewashing.

The company has been in the talks of expanding their operations by employing professionals with technical expertise in 19 of the major cities in India. Their plan includes close monitoring of the quality of the services they are providing to their clients by placing quality assurance teams, spread across the country in 85 cities. The sole aim of the company is to cover as many commercial kitchens as possible by providing them with commercial freezer repair India.

KEN-FIXIT is known for their comprehensive range of maintenance and commercial refrigerator repair India. The services provided by the company include maintenance and repairing of commercial kitchen equipment and recovery of refrigerators/freezers damaged beyond repair. KEN-FIXIT also offer enhanced servicing and repairing services for bakery ovens and other advanced kitchen accessories on a regular or contractual basis so that the restaurant or the commercial kitchen is insured against downtime and operational failures. The company employs technicians and installers belonging to the technical experience of the highest standards that allows them to deliver quality services to their clients. The company serves more than 5000 states of the art and advanced equipment with a 24x7 open hotline. The company has put together a customer cell that addresses and registers the customer complaints/queries all through the year.


KEN-FIXIT is an Indian company with its headquarters in Delhi. They have put together an intricate network of regional and city-based centers to impart state of the art and quality assured repairing/restoring services for commercial kitchen equipment and other kitchen accessories. They offer their services across the country and are well known for their customer-centric services.

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