Washmatic is a leading grease trap manufacturer in India, which now comes up with a grease separator that can effectively remove all grease and oil from kitchen sinks waste water. 

The presence of oil and grease in the drain water through the kitchens is a very common problem, which often results in clogged drains to create many problems. The blocked drain pipes may lead to issues related to sanitation, hygiene and health. And kitchens need to be completely dirt-free, clean and hygienic, whether it’s a commercial kitchen or a kitchen in your home. To address such issues, Washmatic has now introduced grease separators that can completely remove oil and grease from the drain water.

According to the spokesperson of  Washmatic, commercial kitchens have to more often face the problem of blocked drains, due to high volume cleaning and washing of plates and other utensils. The company’s grease separator doesn’t need any electricity and can keep working to separate the grease from the drain water in the kitchen. With a solid 304 grade stainless steel construction, Our Grease separator India is durable and can offer a long-term performance and hence is perfectly suitable for any commercial kitchen.

Today, many kitchen design professionals also recommend installing grease separators to keep the drainage system free and flawless. “At the same time, it avoids stressing extra load on the treatment plants”, a professional consultant states. Moreover, it’s an economical solution, as no consumables are needed for its operation. As an easy, safe and dependable solution, grease interceptors India are fast becoming an integral part of most of the modern kitchens around the world.

As a reputed grease trap manufacturer in IndiaWashmatic brings several grease trap models of different capacities for kitchens. These grease traps can be installed in the kitchen surface or underground to keep trapping grease or oil incessantly released in the drain in the course of washing utensils. The company designs these grease separators, keeping in mind the high volume washing and cleaning requirements of commercial kitchens. 


About Washmatic India

Washmatic commenced its operations in 2006. The Company is focused on providing end-to-end ware washing solutions to all establishments, which serve food and beverages. They manufacture dishwashers, accessories and crate washers, which are marketed through their countrywide sales network, consisting of a number of offices and distributors. The Group Companies are also engaged in providing solutions to hospitality segment right from design, supply to execution as well as services.


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