KEN-FIXIT is an Indian entity with its headquarters located in the National Capital Region of New Delhi. The company is one of the leading entities that is associated with the maintenance and repairing of kitchen equipment. The company also assists customers by providing them with imported spare parts.

The rate of success for any restaurant and food joint depends on the overall image it leaves on their patrons at the end of the day. Timely deliverance of delicious food accompanied by the effective use of the goodwill gathered overtime is the key to success for any entrepreneur in the food industry. KEN-FIXIT is an Indian entity that is associated with the sales and services related to for commercial kitchen equipment repair. They have associated themselves with leading restaurants and hotels as well as small-scale food joints both in Delhi NCR and all over India. Assisting their customers with selecting the best modular kitchen equipment and providing them with the necessary after sales services essential in the long run is what they do best.

Commercial kitchens and big restaurants of established hotels operate day and night and to keep their kitchens functional they need experts for attending to their kitchen maintenance needs. KEN-FIXIT is a company that has a reputation for minimizing downtime at affordable rates. The firm recently upgraded their infrastructure and they currently run their online operations using the latest version of CRM software. KEN-FIXIT is a customer-centric organization that employs only the best. It allows them to deliver best-in-class services to their clientele with diligence and punctuality. All of their services and the spare parts they offer to their clients are at par with the international quality standards.

KEN-FIXIT is a firm that has a reputation for being a versatile service provider equipped with the expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of services. They are mainly adept at dishwasher maintenance for commercial kitchens. The firm is also expert in bringing back equipment damaged beyond repair with minimal time delay. The company made sure that their future is secured by hiring technicians and engineers with the skill sets and expertise essential to stay ahead of the competition at all times. The company has an arsenal of equipment that recently surpassed the 5000 units mark. They have even gone an extra mile to put together a dedicated team of operators whose role is to handle all the incoming queries from the clients. The business policy of the company makes sure that their services prioritize the customers and their needs.


KEN-FIXIT is an Indian firm that is associated with servicing and repairing of commercial kitchen equipment at affordable rates. The company is headquartered in National Capital Region of Delhi. For assistance and after-sales services for all types of kitchen appliances, interested parties need to visit the official website of the firm.


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