Like all other businesses, commercial kitchens are also expanding their horizon across the length and breadth of India, and Stellar Gastronom endeavors to meet the burgeoning demand of the food and beverage sector in the country with their efficient refrigeration solutions. The company specializes in the comprehensive range of commercial refrigerators that can suit all types of requirements of the food and beverage operators.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they are capable of supplying a Commercial Refrigerator that can be tailor-made to meet the exact requirements of a commercial kitchen. With a customized design, the refrigerator can serve the purpose of a kitchen that caters a wide range of cuisine to their customers. India is a vast country with different geographical and environmental conditions. At the same time, different areas have their own cuisine and food specialties. This is the reason why food and beverage operators often require customized refrigeration that could be ideal for their business.

As one of the leading cold room manufacturers in India, Stellar can offer a wide range of refrigeration units with different modular designs and in various capacities. They have upright chillers & freezers, counter chillers & freezers, chillers with cold pans, chest freezers, blast freezers and other products. The spokesperson reveals that all these refrigeration units are designed with robust features and they can customize the specifications and design of the units as per the individual requirements of the clients. Each of these products comes with the assurance of quality and durability and is designed to work under tough conditions.

Clients can choose from different refrigerator models from Stellar Gastronom with different capacities and different designs. The company is one of the few four door refrigerator manufacturers in the country that innovate and bring functional designs for the benefit of commercial kitchens. These four-door refrigerators are designed for kitchens to store a large variety of food items and keep them fresh all the time. With such types of refrigeration systems, a kitchen can serve their customers with a better efficiency and offering them a large number of delicacies.

One can explore all types of refrigerator models that the company has in its portfolio by visiting their website. 

About Stellar Gastronom

Stellar Gastronom commenced its operations in 1994 and is a part of Aster Group (in business since 1990). Stellar specializes in providing refrigeration solutions to hospitality segment in the area of food & beverage production as well as service. They are one of the country’s largest providers of equipment and services to the food services sector.


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