Aster is an Indian company, based in Delhi that deals with the manufacture of commercial kitchen equipment. It caters to the wide range of demands for commercial kitchens of all sizes and cuisines. It offers its services as a one-stop solution provider for all types of equipment required in fast food chains, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, base kitchens, etc.  

The hospitality and hotel industry has developed a great deal in the recent times. The number of people who consume fast food or eat outside their homes has increased rapidly over the years. Initially, people were of the opinion that home cooked food was healthy and cost-effective. However, with a large number of individuals, who move out of their homes for educational or professional purposes, eating out may be the only option. Further, people who rush to work do not have the time to cook and prefer to rely on commercial food chains for their meals. Individuals have also started developing tastes for various cuisines that are only available in restaurants and eating joints.

There is a large scale required for commercial kitchen equipment to cater to the demands of growing customer base. Aster India offers all kinds of solutions for production and service of food and beverages. It caters to food establishments such as hospitals, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, etc. They design the equipment keeping the requirements of their clients in mind. Sizing and designing the products as per the specifications and available space is another quality which makes their services reliable and efficient. The products are made in a way that ensures safety for the users besides cleanliness.

The company produces commercial food service equipment which includes commercial cooking appliances, kitchen refrigeration, preparation equipment, exhaust hoods, dishwashers, bakery machines, coffee bar equipment, etc. Aster is known for the performance of its products since its establishment in 1990. It has undertaken many turnkey projects that use design and efficiency as key factors. It gained prequalification from Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC and other international food chains. It is the only company that manufactures Combi ovens and conveyor pizza ovens in India. Since the year 2002, it has been providing Front and Back counters for Subway India. It is known for its services across 200 cities in the country. The company also offers automatic kitchen fire suppression systems to ensure the safety of kitchens.

Aster India is a reputed provider of commercial catering equipment. It uses good quality raw materials for the manufacture of the products so that they have a longer service life. The company aims at gaining higher levels of customer satisfaction by offering good after sales services and on time delivery. It has a well-designed website that contains all the important information about its products and services.

About Aster India

Aster India is a well-known manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. The company has been operating since its establishment in 1990. It caters to the requirements of clients owning any type of food-related businesses of any scale. To know more, please visit their official website.


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