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Washmatic India Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer of all types of ware washing machines designed to serve commercial / industrial use. In a view to offering magnificent beauty to the dishwasher machines Washmatic India always uses high-end design tools and skills of the team. Also, the machine stands unique at efficiency.

Washmatic Dishwasher India is famous brand that provides great selection of product and one such product is hoodtype dishwasher, which is very easy to handle and is of top quality. If you'retrying to find some reasonablechoices for kitchen appliances then you can go for this brand.Washmatic India’s highly efficient dishwasher offers you the ease of use and is best to remove hard oil / grease and thereby providing you fully hygienic wares. This machine can manage huge loads in a hectic restaurant ensuring fast utensil availability and maintaining the decorum of hotel hospitality.

Washmatic India Pvt Ltd holds the support of an efficient team to manufacture the best Conveyor Dishwasher in India. Be it more than 2000 plates or a pile, Washmatic India’s Conveyor dishwasher has been perfect to satisfy the customers’ needs of clean plates and fast cleaning process. These dishwashers save a lot of water in dishwashing and are energy efficient serving an economical mean both at the time of purchase and through the span of usage.  The racks are well controlled by regulating the speed by which conveyor belt moves and the reliability makes this equipment on high demand in the market.

Congestion of a kitchen is one factor that is considered while introducing a new machine into the kitchen. The Undercounter Dishwasher from Washmatic India is a solution for this space constraint, providing you a lot of space around the kitchen and washing area. This under counter Dishwasher is easy to use and is designed to meet the challenges of dishwashing.

Washmatic India’s machines available at most of the cities is now talk of the town, serving the customers with hygienic and quality washing and efficient by all means. The support system of Washmatic India smoothens customers equipment related queries accurately and swiftly. With a high-quality infrastructure Washmatic India has become an essential part of food and hospitality service. 

About the company

Washmatic India Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of dishwashers in various capacity and models. Washmatic India is been serving this field of dishwasher service and manufacturing for more than 15 years. With regional centers at major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kottayam etc.Washmatic India have countrywide distributors and office networks of impeccable service potential. The team of professional managers and skillful employees always works to perfection to meet the company's goal. This team has made the company a complete solution for world-class warehousing through dedication and accountability.

Contact details:

Contact: +91 8800023044

Address: Washmatic India Pvt Ltd, A2 Shopping Centre, Naraina Industrial Area phase 2, Naraina, New Delhi – 110028

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