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Latisse is a serum medication used for the treatment of people with a condition of hypotrichosis or not enough eyelashes. It is an FDA-approved medicine that makes it safe and effective for use. It is a manmade version of the body’s natural chemical prostaglandin. The medication has proven results of making your eyelashes longer, thicker, and voluminous with proper treatment.

The serum is only supposed to be used for eyelashes of the upper eyelid and should not be applied on the lower eyelash margin. An application on lower eyelashes can have a higher risk of serum going in the eye which can be dangerous. Latisse is a prescribed medication, so you can buy generic Latisse online USA or from the medical store with help of a doctor’s prescription.

Mechanism of Action of Latisse

Latisse was found and developed after the discovery of an unexpected side effect of an eye drop solution Bimatoprost. This solution is used in the treatment of eye conditions with high pressure and glaucoma. This side effect led to the development of Latisse eyelash growth serum which contains 0.03% of bimatoprost, which is an essential component in the eyelash serum for its improvement and growth.

Latisse eyelash serum works by creating more hair follicles and stimulating the shrunken follicles and leading them into the regrowth phase again. The people undergoing the treatments have experienced an increase in length by 16% and thickness by 106%. The eyelashes serum is also available in its generic form as Generic Latisse eyelash serum.

Places to Buy and Packing Details of Latisse

Latisse comes in monthly packages as the treatments are at least approximately 4 months. The Latisse's one-month pack comes with 3ml serum with 60 applicators. The price of Latisse varies from source to source and region.

Latisse 5ml serum comes with 100 applicators and can be used for approximately 2 months. The cheapest place to buy Latisse serum is buying it from authorized sites online that can offer you discounts and great deals.

Latisse Usage Direction

The serum is typically used at night and is supposed to be only once in 24 hours. The eyelash serum is only to be used for the upper eyelash eyelid. The serum is also to be applied with the help of the disposable applicator that comes along with the serum and not by hand. The Latisse shows visible changes in 2 months and for full results will take at least 4 months for getting your desired eyelashes.


Latisse is the treatment that can help you to get beautiful eyelashes within 4 months. It comes with common side effects like itchiness to the eyes, mild redness, and also darkening skin around the eyes. If you feel any serious side effects of the serum-like pain in the eye, excessive discharge from the eyes, and sensitivity towards brightness then do consult the doctor. Latisse is not recommended for anyone below the age of 18 years, it is also not advised for someone who can be allergic to the components of the medicine. 

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