Gone are the days when fashion meant high-society clothes that were beyond the capacities of a common man. In current times - going slow and spending low is the key to high-street fashion. Standing strong to this value comes the concept of - frugal male fashion. Are you thinking just ‘frugal’ as in - spending low? Well, the dictionary from Merriam Webster gives quite a different view of this. Interested in checking out? Scroll down for this piece of knowledge then - 


The concept of frugal male fashion 


Paying the right amount for the right product is what this frugality in male fashion brings to the table. Rather than buying a product that is in current trend and might not remain in vogue with time, this frugal male fashion inspires men to invest in classic pieces. 


When an investment is made in fashion, that will stay for more than just a season - then automatically, the value of that investment is spread over time. Clearly, the returns would be better. 


The keys to success -


Now, when you already know that investment in the correct domain can better your investment in fashion - how about checking out the key areas to focus on? Here are some specific domains that will help you succeed in this path! 


  1. Noting the quality - Though the Veblen Effect states that the higher the price, the better the quality will be; however, this feature does not always hold water. So, what you need to check is - the quality (return on investment amount) concerning the price that you are paying.  


When you get a certain ‘standard’ in terms of quality for the money, you will pay - (that will make you a starter in the frugal fashion). 

  1. Checking out the price - The next step in managing frugality in male fashion is noting the price. There are multiple examples wherein an expensive product has not yielded its cost value while a comparatively inexpensive product has lasted for ages. 


#A tip to note - Try to stick to brands that have a fair price policy rather than the one that offers sales every other day! 


  1. Getting the classic touch - In this case, it is the cuts and colors that matter. For men, neutral colors work best. So, the grays, blues, blacks -in the pocket-squares, 3-pieces, and dress-shirts- make the best of men and come at the best of costs. Accessorize it the correct way and rest assured - you are in for a look for every season! 

What are you waiting for? It's time to check out some of the offerings of this frugal male fashionline that will help you pick up your style.

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