With the right music selection, a DJ can make any party or gathering more exciting. When planning the atmosphere of a special occasion, music plays a pivotal role. The services of Soul O Bliss’s entertainment DJ in St. Lucia are highly sought after for a wide range of events. We have years of experience, a strong sense of dedication, and a focus on excellence, which ensure that our patrons are happy with our musical offerings.

tertain guests of all ages, we are frequently hired by engaged couples and event coordinators. Since our playlists cover a wide variety of musical styles and genres, you and your guests will not be forced to listen to the same song over and over again.

Corporate events 

Perhaps you’re celebrating the success of your company with your coworkers. For such a milestone occasion, you may not wish to use elevator music to motivate your employees. What then is the solution? For the best entertainment for your corporate event in St. Lucia, book Soul O Bliss as your DJ.

Non-profit events 

When holding a charity event, every cent counts. Because of this, when you hire us, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality DJ service at a budget friendly price. When it comes to pricing, we intend to be fair and reasonable without sacrificing quality. Our music will breathe life into your occasion.


No matter the age of the attendees, a party is dull without  music. When we play, the party will be rocking and everyone will want to get on the dance floor.


Concerts, festivals, parties, villa parties, and other outdoor events are all within our scope of service. If there is going to be a food truck or wine festival, then there must also be entertainment. To give your celebrations some much-needed energy, give us a call.

Shopping events

You’ve probably noticed how boring and bad the Black Friday lines have gotten, so why not spice things up by calling us? Whenever you feel your event necessitates the best entertainment DJ in St Lucia, give us a call at Soul O Bliss.

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