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According to statistics from trusted sources, the BDSM industry is worth billions of dollars. This is a fact that is supported by Nicole BDSM, who is popularly known as the London Mistress.

A well-run BDSM business can generate a good deal of income by the end of the financial year. The BDSM industry plays an important role in the global economy. Many people have been directly or indirectly employed by this industry. It also contributes to taxation revenue.

In countries where BDSM is considered legal, BDSM services are normally taxed. The taxation revenue that is raised is used to fund government operations such as internal security, healthcare, and education. Without taxation, it would be hard if not impossible to run a government. Money makes the world go round and governments also need money.

Industry Growth

According to Nicole BDSM, the BDSM industry is expected to grow by double digits in the next five years. This is because of the popularity of services such as dominatrix London and foot worship London. Many people are becoming aware of these services and they are starting to use them.

The younger generation is especially more curious than the older generation when it comes to things like foot fetish London. With more young people jumping on board, the industry is set to grow. Young people who can visit the Black Mistress London are those who are over 21 years.

This industry has very good self-regulatory mechanisms; thus, there is no one under the age of 21 years that is allowed to participate in BDSM activities such as pegging London.


The BDSM industry like most industries out there has embraced technology. This has changed the way people can interact with their favorite service providers. Technology is not a bad thing; it makes the world to be a better place to live in. was one of the first BDSM providers to have a fully functional website that makes it possible for her to interact with her clients at any hour of the day or night.

Online technologies have been embraced across the industry with varying levels of success. Having a website as a strap-on mistress is no longer a luxury, it is a basic need. With a website, it will be possible to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The world of BDSM is very competitive. Many service providers are competing for a limited number of customers. Thus, businesses have to do everything possible to stay competitive including embracing the latest technologies in the world.

Legality & Acceptance

Nicole BDSM is happy that BDSM has gained acceptance across different cultures. That is because the information is readily available due to the World Wide Web. Most Western countries don’t consider BDSM to be illegal, so long as both parties consent to it and it doesn’t involve a minor.

About Nicole BDSM

Nicole BDSM is the queen of pleasure. She is always ready to satisfy the wildest desires of her clients. Her number one goal is always to exceed customer expectations.

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