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When it comes to Marketing, Nowadays, Online Marketing is making noise for all the right reasons, and everybody out there wants to do it. But not everyone knows from whom to take valuable services of Online Marketing and who can serve them better. We all know that when it comes to Online World, Google is the Master of it, and everyone knows what position Google holds in the modern-day world. So, when you encounter an Agency that labels itself as an Official Google Certified Partner Agency, that should be enough of a signal of what amount of work they can provide to you. A Google Certified Agency is itself such a huge trust factor that you may not need to look for further more details. Let’s first understand what a Google Ads Partner Agency does truly mean?

What is a Google Partner?

Google Partner is a program provided by Google where Marketing Company/Agency professionals can attain an expertise badge certified by Google. But mind you, it is not easy to become an official partner of Google; one needs to pass various Google Ads Certification exams and must show utmost proficiency in Google Ads. 

Google Partner Badge acts as a great trust factor for marketing agencies, especially for those who carry out SEO, PPC Campaigns on larger levels. As such, accolades can help them attract high ticket clients, plus Google would also make sure that they stay updated with the latest happenings in the background by constantly providing them learnings. Learning’s derived through it, later on, can be implemented into clients’ projects to carry out effective marketing campaigns. 

Five benefits to work with Google Partner Agency

Online Marketing is the current trend of the Modern-day, and with the competition that we have now on our hands and expected to rise, it is important to place your products rightly. A thing that a Google Certified Partner Agency would always take care of, and with the right strategies and techniques would place your brand on the first page of Google Search. Not only is this, but there are also various other advantages that a Google Publisher Partner Agency will bring along with itself. Lets’ have a detailed look at them:

Stakeholders of Your Projects would be Certified

One of the major and most important benefits that one will encounter by associating with a Google Ads Certified Partner Agency would be that all the stakeholders of the Projects would be professionals certified by Google. And mind you, not all the agencies would be such highly qualified to have Google Certifications, so the one with it would be amazingly good. The Certifications of Google acquired by stakeholders would be updated one, and you can rest assured that Google will always make sure that they are otherwise, they can withdraw its Badge.

You can Beat Your Competitors

The Partner Agencies of Google have a rich advantage of being a Google Partner. With that they can have beta versions of upcoming updates to Google Search Engine and Google Analytics dashboard. By using the beta version and experimenting with it, Partner Agencies can reap the rewards for it once it is formally launched by Google. This way, one can beat the competitors with ease.

Best Industry Standards

As magnificent as it seems to be a Google Certified Partner Agency, it is as tough as it can get. Being a partner of a Web Giant like Google means you need to follow each and every practice set by the company and abide by the rules; otherwise, at any given point in time Partner badge can be taken off. The good thing that this does is that agencies become more professional and get the work done according to Industry Standards.

Quick Response Time

When there is a situation with Google Tools and Dashboard or any complex error arises while running campaigns, being Google Publisher Partner is bliss. Being a partner, Google tends to respond to your queries/errors earlier and quicker while, in return, reducing the downtown for the projects of the Client. 

Great Customer Support

Google makes sure with regular interval reviews that Partner agencies are carrying out campaigns in a proper way or not. They regularly review the accounts, which in return helps partner agencies to verify they are delivering quality results to their clients or not. This way associating with Certified Google Partner can help you with getting desired results with utmost precision.

Contact Google Partner Company Today

So, we hope till now you would have been clear about the fact that Certified Google Partner are the go-to Agencies when you decide to market your business through Online Marketing. Google Partner Agencies work directly with Google, so with that thing under their armor, they make sure to use every penny of your budget with utmost sincerity. 

At TechEasify, we are one such Google Certified Partner Online Marketing Agency located in Surat to serve our valuable clients. We have experts for your dedicated projects who have years of experience under their belt and have been certified by Google itself. At TechEasify, we provide all kinds of Google Services like PPC Campaigns, Campaign Management, YouTube Advertising, Display Advertising, Shopping Ads, Search Engine Marketing, etc. and strive to stitch together a campaign whose results speak for themselves. 

So, if you are looking for a Google Ads Certified Partner Agency to raise your business through ranks, then with TechEasify, you have an able partner to associate with. 

Let’s Together take your Business to Newer Heights with TechEasify!

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