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Google Ads or Facebook ads? The most dilemmatic question asked to Digital Marketing Agency by almost every client. Well to begin with this answer, let’s understand the concept of both and the difference it causes to your advertising strategy. 

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two most important segments of pay-per-click marketing strategy. Both ad strategies are used by almost all Social Media Marketing Agencies.

Facebook Ads is an online advertising platform offered by Facebook that allows the advertisers to run paid advertisements on Facebook & Instagram. Whereas, Google Ads is a paid advertising tool offered by Google where advertisers can run various types of paid campaigns to increase their local listing rank, website sales, brand awareness, and much more. The Google ads are searched-based ads whereas the Facebook ads are interest-based ads. Hence, both (Facebook Advertising & Ads by google) are used for paid advertisement purposes, they have their own sets of features that make them apart.

What is Google Ads or Ads by Google?

Google Ads Formerly known as Google AdWords is an online pay-per-click advertising platform that works on the algorithm of search and search traffic obtained by the world’s largest search engine, Google. Generally, Google Ads are efficiently run by Ads Company to offer the most optimum results to their clients.

The Marketing agency analysis the algorithm of paid search offered by Google. Paid search relies on keyword targeting and the use of text-based adverts. Advertisers on Google bid on keywords, which are particular words and phrases contained in search queries input by Google users, in the expectation that their advertising would appear alongside search results for these keyword searches. The advertiser gets charged a fee every time a user clicks on an ad, hence the term "pay-per-click advertising is used for ads by google.

What is Facebook Ad?

Facebook has about 2.96 Billion active users who are active on the platform either through their personal profiles or business profiles. In the current scenario of the digital world and the high-end technological era, Facebook claims to be the most popular social media platform for businesses, Artists, and Individuals. Facebook isn't just used for entertainment purposes but it has adopted high-end artificial intelligence and has emerged as a flourishing advertisement platform. 

The Digital Marketing agency in Surat offers Facebook advertising which comprises developing and running ad campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager tool to reach the target audience based on their geography, profile information, and demographics. In addition, it has the option of running your advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and/or Audience Network, as well as selecting your target device type (mobile or desktop). It also allows the Facebook ads agency in Surat to measure and assess the effectiveness of the ad campaigns in relation to clients’ requirements.

Since we have a clear idea of both concepts, let us understand the difference between the both and figure out which is best for your business and hire the best digital marketing services.

Difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Working System

While both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are pay-per-click (PPC) advertising systems with competitive bidding, they function in quite different ways. Facebook Ads are paid social ads that appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. In contrast, Google Ads are paid search adverts that show alongside Google's search results.

Targeting System

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads allow you to target (retarget) certain audiences. Prospects are targeted by geography, gender, age, and economic level, among other criteria, across both platforms.

However, in terms of advanced targeting choices, Facebook is the superior alternative. Apart from the previously stated targeting methods, Facebook allows you to create audiences based on numerous behaviors and interests: for example, you might target vegetarian parents with children aged 6 to 10 with a household income of 5,00,000 to 10,00,000. So, if your target demographic is really specific, Facebook Ads will be an excellent strategy to boost your ad performance & result.

Facebook also has a great option called lookalike audiences, which allows you to advertise to people who are similar to your current audience. Facebook uses its existing data to connect its customers to other users who have similar interests, which may be a very successful choice for marketers.

Audience Size

Both Facebook and Google have massive reach. Facebook has an estimated 1.73 billion daily active users, but Google processes more than 5.8 billion queries each day. Mobile advertising-income accounts for about 90% of Facebook's total advertising revenue. However, your target audience is a clutter of people who use both platforms. As a result, making a decision solely based on audience size is not recommended. To understand how to use your ad campaigns on various channels, you must first comprehend two concepts:

Product Orientation: Determine if your product is social or search-oriented.

Target Audience Activity: Consider where the majority of your target audience spends most of their time.

If your product is brand new, Facebook is a better place to start building an audience.

Choosing between Facebook & Google is often difficult to choose since they have their own set of benefits and usage. In such a dilemmatic situation, it is recommended to hire a digital marketing agency to get a complete glimpse of which platform to use for your product/ service promotion.

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  4. Partner Agency - We are a Google Partner (Google advertising agency in Surat) & Meta Facebook Partner agency (Facebook ads agency in Surat) that enables us to offer many perks of advertisements to boost your Ads ROI.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two wonderful alternatives for PPC advertising, and the two platforms work well together in many instances. If you advertise on both, make sure your campaign outcomes are carefully tracked so you know which channel is your top performer.

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