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Each company generates its own particular rules aimed at the clientele; however, all of them have a more or less basic protocol and therefore little variesone from another. Therefore, here you can find out what are the basic rules that you must take into account so as not to cause any problems during the simulation. Let’s begin:

Rules of the game

  • For each room the team of players has sixty minutes in which they will have to solve the mystery and get the key that finally allows them to get rid of the room and level up.
  • It is not necessary to use physical force to get clues or find their answers; everything is based on the mental abilities of each individual and the ability to work as a team.
  • Clues are not located on the ceiling, so it will not be necessary to make some strange maneuver on the furniture to reach it. This could damage them.
  • Each room has an emergency exit, so do not worry if a significant inconvenience is generated during the simulation.
  • Do not use cell phones inside the room; forget it completely and only use it if it is strictly necessary in case of emergencies.
  • Young children can access the rooms, but always accompanied by an adult.

How is the service contracted?

Once you have found the Escape rooms company you want to visit all you have to do is request a reservation. This is available as an option on its website, which will quickly get you in touch with the managers.

There you can select between the available dates and indicate other important information, such as the schedule and the number of people requesting the service. From there they can provide you with the final amount of your visit.

What should you do to choose the best option?

Locate the available centers within your city. You will probably enjoy much more in one whose thematic catches your attention. Similarly, if you are a tourist, there are companies whose storylines have to do with the locality, so it would be an excellent idea to relate even more with your trip.

Also, check the testimonies of other visitors. In this way you can verify that the customer service is of quality. Once you have found the center, you just have to proceed to book and the best of your adventures will begin.

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