No matter we are constructing a copper network or a fiber optic network, inline coupler or fiber adapter always plays an important role in terminating or connecting between two lines. Now both copper networking and fiber optic networking technologies are being developed to meet the continuously increased bandwidth needs. And there are cases where we have to implement mixing fiber and copper link, Hont Brand such as link aggregation through EtherChannel or IEEE 802.3ad standards. Then how to effectively and efficiently couple both copper keystone jacks and fiber connectors on one panel? This post will provide the solution by using the blank multimedia adapter patch panel, which can manage and organize a wide variety of fiber and copper cabling.
At first, let’s have a glance at why there is a need for mixing fiber and copper cables. Ten years ago, people were asking if it was possible to have copper and fiber as part of the same port-channel group. And now, the term link aggregation is no longer new in constructing network architecture. And EtherChannel technology or IEEE 802.3ad both serves for link aggregation. Link aggregation combines multiple network cosnnections in parallel in order to increase throughput beyond what a single connection could sustain, and to provide redundancy in case one of the links should fail. It groups a number of physical Ethernet links to create a single high-bandwidth data path. It can provide fault-tolerance and high-speed links between switches, routers and servers, and enhance the connection reliability and resilience. It is possible to aggregate copper ports for one link and fiber ports for the second link, but the important thing is to keep the two links at the same speed and as full-duplex. Under this circumstance, blank multimedia patch panel is designed to achieve the purpose.
When one link consists of both copper Ethernet patch cable and fiber patch cables, the blank multimedia patch panel makes a difference. For standard adapter panels with fixed ports, the patch cable that can be used is limited to one type. For example, every keystone patch panel can hold only one category style Ethernet patch cable, whether it is for Cat5e or Cat6 patch cables; and every preloaded fiber adapter panel can hold only one type of connector, such as single-mode LC APC duplex, LC UPC duplex, multimode SC APC duplex, etc. However, our blank multimedia adapter patch panel is much flexible in copper and fiber mixed implementations. It allows users to aggregate up to six different types of ports at one time. These ports can be either copper or fiber. The inserted keystone jacks or inline couplers can be Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e or Cat5. And the fiber optic adapters can be standard LC duplex, SC simplex and MTP/MPO. Users can install various port types on demand.