Refrigeration is an artificial cooling method of preserving highly perishable products. Refrigerators can keep their internal temperatures lower than those of their surroundings. Over the years, a variety of refrigeration systems have evolved.Novachill refrigeration is one of the leading types of commercial refrigeration. The company has been in the refrigeration business for over 40 years. With over four decades of experience and substantial research, the company Nova chill provides products that serve the market best. Novachill Refrigeration provides a variety of refrigerators and freezers to best fit the specifications of the customer.

Display Fridges

Novachill display fridges are made with quality and standard parts. Due to the quality of the spares, the fridge owner will not have to overpay for a part or search for an uncertain part. The fridges are long-lasting and have a warranty in case of any malfunction. These refrigerators are highly recommended items on the market. Novachill fridges are available in different models. The models differ in size and price and they include Novachill 2050L Fridges, Novachill 1320L Fridges, Novachill 400L Fridges, Novachill 590L Fridges, and Novachill 300L Fridges. The fridges have features such as energy efficiency, adjustable shelving, lockable caster wheels, and a stainless steel floor.

Flower Fridges

Novachill flower fridges are designed to keep cut flowers fresh till they reach the market. The gadgets are suitable for any type of flower and other cuts. The fridges come in different models, with each one of them having a different price. The models include Novachill Double Door Fridges with a capacity of 1320 litres. The next one is the Novachill Single Door Fridge, with a capacity of 590 litres. Novachill Triple Door Fridges are another great model with a capacity of 2050 litres. The Novachill flower fridges' features are stainless steel floors, the ability to auto defrost, energy efficiency, and adjustable shelving.

Display Freezers

Display freezers are one of the most crucial additions to any commercial kitchen or supermarket. The freezers are made of glass doors, which are usually heated. These fridge doors are resilient to condensation buildup. It allows instant viewing of the contents inside the fridge, therefore, saving time and energy in tracking the available stock. The shelves are durable and strong enough to allow the owner to store even slightly heavy items.

About the Novachill

For a business-minded individual, losses are never an option. Keeping the customers' needs met is also vital at all times. Having a continuous supply of commodities is one way to keep the customers. Novachill has dedicated over four decades to ensure that the clients' perishable goods are safe. The company's goal is to provide the highest quality refrigerators affordable and easy to maintain gadgets for al clients. One of the things that the entitu has made easy is the availability of fridge spare parts even though its replacement is affordable and effective. The fridge doors do not allow condensation to build up and ensure visibility is crystal clear.

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