The process ofnaturalisation as a British citizen is much more than just the paperwork. It requires the applicant to be present in the UK for a minimum number of days over a three-year period, and also to undertake integration in order to show that they are willing and able to assimilate into British society.


The applicant must provide evidence of English language skills, take an English test, prove their knowledge of life in the UK by providing information about various aspects of life including healthcare, education, employment and housing and finally swear an oath on the Queen's coronation oath.

What us the process of naturalisation as a British citizen?


If you are 18 or over and want to apply for naturalisation as a British, you need to be:


1. Aged 18 or over


2. Not subject to immigration control


3. Have the right of abode in the UK (for example, have a parent who is a British citizen living here)


4. Have been living in the UK for at least three years as a lawful resident (this means that you do not have any restrictions on your stay)


5. Be of sound mind and able to understand the difference between right and wrong

What do you mean by registration as a British citizen?


A British citizen is someone who has been granted British citizenship or is a naturalised British citizen. In order to get registration as a British citizen, one needs to fulfil the following:


-One must provide satisfactory evidence that they are of the age of majority


-They must have lived in Britain for a period of 5 years and one year in any 10 year period before that.


-They need to provide proof that they are of good character.


-They must have sufficient knowledge about life in the UK and English language skills.

What is the process of registration as a British citizen?


The process of registration as a British citizen is a long and arduous one. To become eligible for British citizenship, foreigners need to fulfil four criteria:


  • You have lived in the UK for five consecutive years.


  • You are aged 18 or over.


  • You are of sound mind and good character and intend to continue living in the UK indefinitely


  • And you are able your read and write simple English



No matter what your nationality is, if you want citizenship status, you can apply through one of two processes: Naturalisation or Registration (known as Naturalisation). Registration does not give you all the benefits that naturalisation does .


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