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Metal fabrication has come a long way from handmade structural fabrication to using advanced machinery to produce custom designs. Using today’s technology, sheet metals can be fabricated exactly according to the customer’s requirements with lesser time consumed. Though technology has improved the process tremendously, the quality of the fabricated structure depends on various other factors. Sheet metal fabrication shops such as 7Laser have a team of experts who take great caution when it comes to fabricating metal structures to meet high quality standards. They provide one of the best sheet metal fabrication services in Melbourne.

For successfully fabricating a metal sheet, the following factors have to be kept in mind:

Material used for fabrication:

This is one of the primary factors, which needs to be carefully considered while fabricating. There are two types of metals used – steeland aluminium. Though other metals such as iron and copper could be used, it depends on size of the metal, the complexity of the project, and the application of the structure. For example, stainless steel is preferred for fabricating objects that deal with food or beverage as the object is subject to high exposure to organic material.

Industrial Standards:

Meeting industrial standards is a necessity for the fabrication of premium quality products. The industry standards include:

-          Strength of the material

-          Durability of the material

-          Precise dimensions of the material

-          Following safety protocols while fabricating the substance

-          Utilising the right equipment and not substituting any tools for an easy way out

The same products might have different metals, which have a varied set of features such as melting points, malleability, and ductility. All these should be considered while fabricating the product.

Legal Requirements:

Local sheet metal fabrication companies should be aware of the legal requirements for the products that they fabricate. There are certain norms that need to be followed depending on the function. For example, while manufacturing products for the food and beverage sector, the right material should be utilised with all the necessary protective coating to prevent rust and oxidation of the metal. While hiring a sheet metal fabrication company, it is wise to check for these factors before proceeding with utilising their services.

If you are looking for a metal fabrication service in Melbourne who consider all the factors judiciously to produce high-quality fabrications at affordable prices, 7Laser is the one to reach out to.Some of the services that 7Laser offers are laser cutting, fabrications, CNC folding, drafting and design, manufacturing, multi-industry applications, electroplating, powder coating, programming and design, break press and folding and post productions applications.They can be contacted via phone on (03) 9701 3330 or you can drop them an email at for more details.