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Singapore-14/066/2024– With the launch of itsCustomised Jacket Singaporeservice,  Active Cool Fashion is excited to provide fashionistas the chance to accessorise their wardrobes with one-of-a-kind, personalized jackets. Wear customised jackets from Active Cool Fashion and enjoy the freedom of personal expression.

Words from the Managing Director

It gives us great joy at Active Cool Fashion to deliver our personalized jacket service. Offering custom-made jackets that capture each customer's unique style and preferences is how we redefine the fashion industry. Regardless of your preference for a bold item or a more understated addition to your closet, our staff is committed to delivering outstanding customer service. We hope to inspire people to upgrade their wardrobes with distinctive pieces that reflect their style by showcasing how our jackets can fit any taste or occasion.

Words from the Marketing Team

The dynamic campaign to promote the customised jacket service and interact with potential customers throughout Singapore has been launched by the marketing team at Active Cool Fashion. By utilising influencer partnerships, social media activations, and focused digital marketing tactics, the team hopes to increase public awareness of the advantages ofApparel Wholesale Singaporeand highlight the range of options available from Active Cool Fashion.


We want to display how personalized jackets can fit any style or preference. We use digital advertising and social media channels to display customization choices, client endorsements, and style inspirations.

Words from the Technical Team

Active Cool Fashion's technical team performs tirelessly to ensure that the customization process operates smoothly. The team combines old-world craftsmanship with the best technology to make jackets that exceed customers' expectations for fit, comfort, and design.


When it comes to every step of the customization approach, our technical team is dedicated to superiority. Reliability, ethical sourcing, reducing environmental impact during production, and sustainability are all priorities for Active Cool Fashion. Active Cool Fashion maintains its industry-leading position in customised clothing and personalized fashion solutions by prioritising innovation and happy customers.

About Active Cool Fashion

Based in Singapore, Active Cool Fashion is one of the leadingClothing Manufacturers Singapore, with a focus on jackets tailored to each wearer's unique taste and sense of style. The business works closely with customers to realise their design concepts, providing tailored consultations and guaranteeing a smooth customization process from idea to completion. Whether worn for personal use, business functions, or promotional goods, Active Cool Fashion's personalized jackets are made to stand out and showcase the wearer's distinct style.