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In a new dispensation of the social media age, social media likes have a convenient tool to pass across some sort of validation, approval, and acceptance to the one who makes a post or an update.

With many social media applications around nowadays, and with the number of people making use of these apps, there is a high demand to get more traffic and likes on our social media handles and pages, as more likes equal more popularity and influence.

From Facebook likes to Instagram likes, to LinkedIn likes, it is a common factor to note that an increase in the number of likes gotten tends to boost your image and rankings on these social media applications.

What Makes It Effective

Having plenty of likes on social media has quite several effects on an individual. Some of the effects of heaving likes on social media include:

More Likes Equals Greater Influence

If you happen to make a post on Instagram, and you got a lot of Instagram likes and reactions, what you might not know is that you just increased your sphere of influence in that social media space. The more likes you get on social media, the more people are drawn to know the profile behind such Influence and engage your posts more often than they usually do.

Increase in Productivity

If you are a content creator or a social media expert, you will agree that an increase in the number of likes on your social media pages and handles might eventually lead to an increase in the number of posts that are uploaded daily. So, more likes produce passion for more productivity.


With a number of social media likes on a page or a profile, it spurs you to give more back to the social media community, and produce more awesome contents that will be liked all again. That's the law of reciprocation!

Morale Booster

Getting a lot of social media likes can prove to be an effective moral and self-confidence booster. You have a better view of the world around you and have enough self-confidence to face whatever comes your way head-on.

Getting Used To the Fan Hype

If you are used to the social media space and a good social media influencer,  there is a lot of fanhype out there with plenty of comments from different users. Sometimes, the hype becomes so loud that it can drown your inner voice of creativity and inspiration. Some of the tips that you can follow to get used to the fan hype are stated below:

Don't Stay On it

In as much as getting validations and approval from your supporters are very important and welcome, do not stay too long on it. Learn to receive them briefly and move on. It'll help you to stay focused.

No Pressure

The fans want something new, something they have never seen, something out of this world! This can put you under undue pressure The trick to this is to take it one step at a time.

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