CBD and Cannabis are hot items right now, but growers and retailers face some obstacles. The first obstacle is a lack of knowledge on the part of consumers of Cannabis. Even where legal sales are allowed there are vast amounts of types of Cannabis, and methods of usage, from tubes to vapes to edibles that come even in candy forms. Consumers who choose incorrectly do not get the full effect or benefits of this exotic yet truly awesome plant, and generally once a bad experience occurs consumers can shy away from this organic product.

Another obstacle is the inability to market the products correctly by retailers. With most marketing now done online digitally, a specialist in CBD and Cannabis writing and digital marketing is needed. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a huge part of the marketing plan along with great content provided by a writer who has chosen to specialize in this niche market.

George Mouratidis has been providing content on CBD and Cannabis as well as SEO strategy marketing for these products for years now and runs the wildly popular website, The content is fresh, lively, on target, and not only assists in rankings and sales but educates consumers on the benefits, usages, and different types of products available.

Weed Copywriter was founded in 2017 by George who specialized in SEO strategy and content development as there was not very much good information available to both new users of CBD and Cannabis as to types and usages, as well as not enough information for retailers on how to target markets and sell more product. Knowing more about the plant and of course the components that create pain relief and alleviate anxiety was a priority for Mr. Mouratidis.

To rank higher on Google and other Search Engines, businesses that specialize in CBD and Cannabis need as much of an SEO strategy as any other business. Consumers of the product cannot become educated or purchase if a site cannot be found. George focuses on all organic and updated SEO techniques, from the targeting of appropriate keywords to the link building to high domain authority sites. This can be done in many different strategic ways, usually via outreach as links must be always pertinent to the subject matter.

In addition to the SEO strategy that George will implement, as a former travel and Cannabis journalist, George is also focused on the international understanding the logistics of the marijuana trade, culture, and cultivation as growing marijuana and establishing a successful business does require certain elementary principles.

George has published over 5 million pieces of content on CBD and Cannabis in his career and can be found on LinkedIn. He can also be reached via his website, via a convenient contact form. His portfolio is available on the website for anyone who desires to view his content before purchasing. Many top companies who are clients are also listed and George is the person to contact when seeking content or digital marketing for CBD and Cannabis.

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