SEPTEMBER 6, 2021/USA: With the growth in popularity of indoor gardening, associated counterfeit products are on an exponential rise. Every beginning gardener is frail to deception. Substandard grow-products lead to poor harvesting. These occurrences call for accurate guidance on the types of products that guarantee maximum returns. Primal Grow Gear is a US-based company that steps in to arrest this situation. The company has all products needed for beginning indoor gardeners under one roof. The quality and authenticity of these products are guaranteed. Primal Grow Gear is available on call to answer all customer concerns. The website is built with a beautiful user interface to ease navigation. The provisions of the company include:

Complete Grow Kits

Primal Grow Gear provides everything needed for absolute beginners. This package comprises a comprehensive range of grow kits with all associate components in a single package. The company seems to offer the highest quality kits for the best market deals. The package includes air management, lighting, tents, and growing. 


Primal Grow Gear's online store seems to offer leading products in grow-tent manufacturing. These tents come in sizes suitable for both residential and commercial setups. The grow-tents are tested and approved by the company's Research and development. The tents are reliable yet very affordable and within reach for many people. The tents come with a Mylar lining for extra reflection inside the canopies. This lining also prevents light from leaking through the sides of the tent. The tents from primal additionally come with ducting ports and windows. The grow-tents come fitted with lightweight steel tubing frames coated with powder. This feature helps prevent the tent from tearing during setup.


Grow lights play the role of sunshine for indoor gardening. They are ideal for keeping the seed stocky and green during germination. Grow-lights are also helpful during wintertime harvest by offering heat. It is crucial to have grown-lights that contain a complete spectrum like sunlight. Primal Grow Gear offers a tested selection of LED that function effectively. The company also guides on the way to identify substandard grow-lights. This way, Primal Grow Gear helps prevent poor results during harvesting. The selection of LED lights is full-spectrum, dual-mode fitted with top-quality diodes.

Stealth Kits from Primal

Primal Grow Gear provides small kits that can fit in a closet. These are kits suitable for a discreet grow. The stealth systems' design enables regulation of light and smells leaks into the vicinity. These are ideal kits for small communities or those living in apartments that can't allow commercial setups. Primal Grow Gear's online store provides everything for cloning, rooting, growing, and harvesting. These products come in completely ready for plug-and-play use.

About Primal Grow Gear

Primal Grow Gear is a US-based incepted in 2018. If you want know more about grow gear, you can learn more here. Being indoor gardeners, the company exists to help others looking to venture into indoor gardening. Primal Grow Gear focuses on supplying the best-rated products that set growing setups on the right foot. The company also aims to get the best deals in the market currently for their clients. 

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