Same-day dental crowns are effective in different ways. These same-day crowns can help to get an immediate makeover. The dentist designs the crowns on the same day and gives a perfect look to your teeth, like a natural tooth. 


Your dentist may recommend you same-day dental crowns near me for many reasons. Dentists mainly use them to correct dental cosmetic problems like tooth decay, oral injuries, and typical wear and tear, which is why teeth may need a dental crown to fix.


The same-day dental crowns are a convenient way to prevent infection in the tooth, help to restore the normal function of the teeth, and ease the pain induced by damaged enamel. Many people don’t have time to wait for the crown; same-day dental crowns are the best option. It can solve their teeth problems, and they don’t have to visit the dentist in Houston tx, for the procedure again.



What are the advantages of same-day crowns?


The pros of same-day dental crowns include the following:


  • Digital impressions: the dentist will take the impression of your teeth to produce a 3D image to maintain your beautiful smile. It’s quick and painless!


  • Precision: With the CEREC technology, less drilling is done, and you get a new crown that looks perfect and fits accurately. 


  • In-house: The formation of the crowns is done in the office. There is no need for external labs!


  • Speed: The procedure is quick. It takes less than 1 hour to plan, create, and place your permanent crown. There is no temporary crown.


  • No metal: These crowns can be made without metal, deterring bothers like adjusting size due to temperatures or discoloration in teeth or gum line.


  • Preserve time and money: No multiple appointments with Houston dental clinic, no spending money on vehicles, taking unnecessary time off work or school, etc.

How long do same-day crowns last?


CEREC crowns may last for 10 to 15 years – the same as traditional crowns. But if you take proper care of your dental crowns, they may last longer. Same-day dental crowns are made from materials like porcelain or zirconium, and these materials are durable and long-lasting.


How long does a same-day crown take?


Usually, the same-day crown takes approximately one hour from the beginning till the procedure ends. Let’s see how it works:


  • Your dentist will use a digital scanner instead of impressions to create a 3D mockup of your teeth and smile.


  • Your dentist will then create a new crown with the help of the digital scan and CEREC technology. 



  • The full description of your new dental crowns the same day is sent electronically to a milling device.


  • The machine creates the crown from the material, like porcelain, in about 10 to 15 minutes.


  • The new crown will be perfectly polished and fit precisely as needed.


  • And finally, your dentist will place the new crown leaving a fully functional, permanent tooth. 


In Conclusion:


With tooth crown Houston Tx, you can schedule your first appointment and get a beautiful smile like no before. There is no necessity for a temporary crown or a second appointment. Visit today for more details. 


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