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During the 1950s through the 1960s, a large percentage of garage doors were solid garage doors. How things have changed since then. Now you see very few garage doors that are not sectional in style. Don’t let that fool you though, solid garage doors still have their place on homes. Here is a side by side comparison of the pros and cons that are offered by sectioned and solid garage doors:


Here is an area where solid garage doors have a big advantage. It’s the main reason why people choose to install them. They tend to provide homes with a more traditional or classic look. Solid garage doors also have accents in them because they are mostly made of wood. Often solid garage doors look so good they actually accent the front of a home just like a nice entryway door does. Although sectioned garage doors come in different colors and textures, most people feel they simply do not look as good as solid garage doors do.


Give the big advantage here to sectioned garage doors. It’s part of their appeal. They are much less expensive than solid garage doors both to purchase and install.


Here is another area where the advantage goes to solid garage doors. That’s because they not only have fewer access points that can be pried open, they also tend to be much thicker than sectioned garage doors are. With that being said, neither style garage door is easy to break into.


One nice thing you can do with solid garage doors is add some extras into them. This includes windows and smaller door sections. This has the effect of making your garage door easier to use or letting some natural light into your garage. It’s also easy to install pet doors in them.


Article Source: Sectioned Garage Doors vs Solid Garage Doors

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