SugarCali has announced that it is launching and releasing its all-new CBD cigarettes that promise a unique and pleasant taste. SugarCali Co., a reputable and renowned hemp manufacturing company, commenced the release and sales of its Crème CBD cigarettes that promise to be different when it comes to taste and flavor.

SugarCali Co. is a company that strives to put out a product that is different from the norm. According to the company, they wanted to create experiences, and that entailed coming up with something unique and different from what was available. Sugarcali team went into research to come up with products that represent their goal, and they are pleased to announce the rollout of the all-new CBD cigarettes.

A member of the team at SugarCali states it best this: "The company's vision is to bring more flavor to the world and that's why, throughout the existence of our company, we've always been against smoking harmful cigarettes and now we are proud to roll out our all-new CBD cigarettes, which can be dubbed as the next best thing to smoking tobacco."

He further went on to state: "We are excited to start the sales of these awesome products and are working with different outlets to create awareness for our CBD cigarettes." We are also continually working with our team to develop and put out new products for fellow smokers and CBD enthusiasts that are desirous of a smooth and potent smoke that's also packed with lots of flavors. "

According to the company's website, while developing the all-new CBD cigarettes, they gave meticulous attention to details, safety, and quality, and it's best stated on their website thus: "From the start to finish, our goal was to create the best hemp cigarettes on the market." Smoothness, flavor, and quality were the driving forces in how we constructed our cigarettes. Not only did we use the best quality ingredients for an ultra-smooth and pleasurable smoke, but we also made sure that our hemp cigarette products were lab-tested for pesticides and heavy metals. Sweetened filters, unique flavor profiles, high potency CBD hemp, and attention to detail are what differentiate our products from the other brands out there. Finally, a hemp cigarette done the right way."

The founder and CEO of SugarCali have this to say: "Our team at SugarCali always strives to ensure that we put out the best kinds of products, and that's reflected in our CBD cigarettes." We want to give smokers good value for their money whilst also not compromising on quality. Prospective customers can go to our website and take advantage of our exclusive offer where they enjoy free shipping on orders above $25, guaranteed satisfaction, plus other potential benefits. "

About SugarCali

SugarCali Co. is a hemp manufacturing company based out of Los Angeles, California. They are an industry leader and maker of fine hemp cigarettes. They strive to disrupt the use of tobacco by replacing it with hemp-based alternatives. Their CBD cigarette is one of their products put out to replace harmful nicotine cigarettes.

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